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Hydrogen H2+ 6in1 new generation hydrogen...

Price zł1,699.98
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The innovative Hydrogen H2+ device combines six effective care technologies, ensuring spectacular results of cosmetic treatments. The combine, designed with comprehensive skin care in mind, offers advanced functions that provide the skin with optimal care . Hydrogen H2+ is an excellent solution in beauty salons, allowing you to significantly expand the offer of treatments .

Elegante Platinum T9 multifunction device

Price zł5,599.98
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The professional Elegante Platinum T9 combine harvester is a multifunctional device using the latest technological achievements. The futuristic casing with a large, tilting screen is made of high-quality components , and the intuitive menu makes it easy to use. The device is intended for the cosmetology and aesthetic medicine industries. 

SHR BR-03 Multi-System OPT

Price zł9,990.00
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The SHR BD-03 Multi-System OPT device is a novelty on the cosmetology market and a revolutionary discovery in terms of permanent hair removal. A multifunctional device designed mainly for 100% safe and painless depilation, revolutionary smooth skin technology, thermal lifting, photorejuvenation, permanent acne treatment, rosacea removal and reduction of spider veins.

SHR BR-06 Multi-System OPT + SR

Price zł15,900.00
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The SHR BD-06 Multi-System OPT + SR device is a novelty on the cosmetology market. The 360 magnetic-optical system consists of two modules. The first is the IPL module and the second is the magnetic module. The multi-functional device is mainly designed for painless hair removal, discoloration reduction, skin lightening, rejuvenation and improvement of skin condition.

Elegante 880 4in1 micro + skin scrub + vacuum +...

Price zł1,299.00
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The ELEGANTE 880 4in1 micro skin scrub vacuum spray device is a high-quality and durable piece of equipment that is perfect for any professional cosmetic clinic or spa. With its intuitive design and excellent build quality, this device is sure to provide efficient and enjoyable work for any cosmetologist. The wide range of functions available with this device allows for a significant expansion of services offered by any cosmetic clinic.

Cosmetic combines

Cosmetic combines - versatility and effectiveness in one device Today, beauty salons offer a number of innovative solutions that allow you to achieve a perfect appearance and skin care. One of the most important tools in the arsenals of cosmetologists are cosmetic combines. These versatile devices integrate a variety of technologies, allowing you to effectively perform a variety of cosmetic treatments. In this article, we will take a closer look at beauty combines, their features and benefits for clients of beauty salons.

Versatility in one device

Cosmetic combines are advanced devices that combine several cosmetic functions and technologies. Thanks to this, cosmetologists can perform a variety of treatments on one device, which is both convenient and effective. For example, in one combine you can find functions such as skin cleansing, light therapy, lifting, microdermabrasion or electroporation. Such versatility allows us to adjust treatments to the individual needs of the client and offer comprehensive skin care.

Effectiveness and results

Cosmetic combines are also distinguished by their effectiveness. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, such as radiofrequency, ultrasound, laser or radio waves, these devices are able to reach the deeper layers of the skin, bringing effective results. For example, beauty harvesters can stimulate collagen and elastin production, improve blood circulation, reduce wrinkles, remove blemishes, reduce pores, and many other skin benefits. Thanks to this, customers of beauty salons can enjoy visible and long-lasting effects after the treatments.

Adjustment to individual needs

Another important aspect of beauty combines is their ability to be customized to individual customer needs. Using different programs and settings, cosmetologists can adjust treatment parameters to the specific needs of each person's skin. Regardless of skin type.

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