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Cosmetic combines

Modern technologies have entered the field of cosmetology for good. Modern salons have innovative devices for skin care and performing cleansing, revitalizing and rejuvenating treatments. Such equipment could not be missing in our warehouse, where we offer devices and necessary products to run beauty salons, beauty salons and spas. We offer various models of cosmetic combines, using accessories and tools considered to be one of the most effective in skin care. The functions of these devices include both needle-free mesotherapy, sonophoresis, galvanization, ultrasounds as well as microdermabrasion or electrocoagulation to remove skin lesions. Cosmetic combines are multifunctional devices that allow the implementation of many new treatments in the salons with one device. Cosmetic combines come in many configurations - from 2in1 to even 18in1 small and large housings. At the same time, we recommend other devices and accessories used in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine treatments. The products visible on our website have all the required markings and certificates.

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