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Cosmetics and preparations

A variety of cosmetics and preparations are used in the podiatry office for foot care as well as for solving specific podological problems. Caring for the health of your feet requires the use of appropriate cosmetics. The Podiatry salon can also specialize in the treatment of various foot skin problems, such as nail fungus, skin mycosis, warts, warts or hyperkeratosis of the skin. A podiatrist can conduct appropriate diagnostics, apply appropriate preparations and treatment methods, such as drug application, cryotherapy, laser therapy or electrocoagulation.

Foot care

Cosmetic pedicure is a professional treatment performed by a podiatrist, aimed at foot and nail care. During the pedicure, dead skin is removed, nails are shortened, and corns, calluses and corns are eliminated. This treatment may also include special foot baths, application of moisturizing preparations and massage.

Feet care cosmetics

Foot creams and lotions are used to moisturize, soften and nourish the skin of the feet. They may contain ingredients such as shea butter, vegetable oils, vitamins and soothing and refreshing substances. Foot creams help maintain the proper level of skin hydration and prevent it from drying out and cracking. Foot scrubs are designed to remove dead skin cells and calloused layer, leaving the skin smooth and soft. They may contain exfoliating particles such as sugar crystals, sea salt or chemicals that gently remove dead skin cells. Foot baths are preparations that are used to soak and relax the feet. They may contain refreshing, soothing and antibacterial ingredients. Foot baths help relieve fatigue, soften the skin and prepare it for further beauty treatments.

Podological preparations

Podiatric preparations are products intended for the care and treatment of feet, often used in podological beauty salons. Here are some examples of popular podological preparations:

Preparations for removing corns, calluses and corns are preparations in the form of creams, ointments, liquids or patches that contain substances that soften and exfoliate calloused skin. They help in reducing corns, calluses and corns and in alleviating the associated ailments. Antifungal preparations are used to treat fungal infections of the feet, such as onychomycosis (onychomycosis) or tinea pedis (athlete's foot). These can be creams, gels, varnishes or lotions containing anti-fungal substances such as azoles, allylamines or other anti-fungal ingredients. Disinfectants are designed to disinfect the skin of the feet and tools used during podiatry treatments. These can be antiseptic lotions, gels or sprays that contain disinfectants such as alcohol, chlorhexidine or iodine. Anti-inflammatory and soothing preparations These preparations help soothe inflammation of the skin of the feet and reduce irritation and redness. They may contain anti-inflammatory substances, such as corticosteroids, as well as soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera, panthenol or allantoin. Nail care preparations are products used to care for and strengthen nails. These can be preparations in the form of oils, creams or varnishes that contain moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, vitamins and nail strengthening substances, e.g. keratin.

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