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Wax and paste heaters

Wax heaters are an integral part of the equipment of professional beauty salons where depilation is performed. They are a category of devices used to heat and maintain the appropriate temperature of depilatory wax before its application to the skin.

Types of wax heaters

There are several types of wax heaters that differ in their design and operation. One of the most popular types is the canned wax heater. It has a special place for a can of wax, which is placed inside the device. Other types of heaters include those for roll wax, where the wax cartridges are placed in rolls, and multi-function heaters that allow you to heat several cartridges at the same time.

Temperature control

Wax heaters are equipped with thermostats that allow you to precisely control the temperature of the wax. This is important because different types of wax have different temperature requirements when heating. Thanks to temperature regulation, the beautician can adjust it to the individual preferences of the client and the type of wax, which affects the comfort and effectiveness of the depilation procedure. Wax heaters are designed to ensure safety for both the beautician and the client. They have special casings that protect against burns. They often have comfortable handles and protections that make it easier to carry and operate the device. Some models also feature LED indicators or thermostats to keep you informed of the temperature of the wax.

Look and functionality

Wax heaters come in various designs, colors and sizes, which allows you to match them to the decor of the beauty salon. In addition, some models have additional functions, such as automatic shutdown when the desired temperature is reached or heating the wax evenly and quickly.

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