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Medika Lipolaser DUO

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Lipolaser DUO by Medika is an innovative method of fighting excess fat tissue and celluit. The device uses a combination of a 650nm laser beam and 940nm infrared, which lead to the biostimulation of natural metabolic channels.

Cosmetic harvester Medika Basic 12in1

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Premium multifunctional device with 10 tips that provide 12 unique technologies: Skin analyzer, Cavitation peeling, Needle-free mesotherapy, Ultrasound, Diamond microdermabration, Radio waves, Ultrasonic liposuction, Demomassage, Oxybrasion, Lipolaser

Medika Premium 12 in 1

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Beauty harvester with 12 tips: Skin analyzer, Cavitation peeling, Needle-free mesotherapy, Ultrasounds, Diamond microdermabrasion, Radio waves, Ultrasonic liposuction, Dermomassage, Oxybrasion, Lipolaser, HydroJet - hydrogen purification and monopolar radio wave.


Our offer includes the innovative Medika Lipolaser DUO device which uses laser technology to reduce body fat in specific parts of the body. The Lipolaser device can be purchased from us as a separate piece of equipment and in the Medika Premium and Basic multifunctional harvester. The principle of operation of the lipolaser is to emit a beam of light of the appropriate wavelength, which is absorbed by adipocytes, i.e. fat cells. As a result of this process, the cells break down and the fat tissue is removed from the body.

Use of Medika DUO Lipolaser

Lipolaser is mainly used for body shaping, fat reduction around the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and other places. It is a non-invasive method, which means that it does not require punctures, incisions or removal of fatty tissue. During the procedure, the patient lies comfortably and the laser heads are applied directly to the skin.

How does Lipolaser DUO Medika work

The principle of operation of the Lipolaser DUO Medika is based on the biostimulation of natural metabolic channels with an innovative combination of the use of red light with a length of 650 nm and infrared with a length of 940 nm. Under the influence of laser radiation from six pads, adipose tissue (triglycerides) is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol. The broken tissue is transported to the lymphatic system and then naturally excreted from the body.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lipolaser DUO

The main advantage of lipolaser is the fact that it is a safe and effective way to reduce body fat without the need for invasive surgical procedures. The procedure is also painless and patients can return to their normal activities after a few hours. One of the disadvantages of lipolaser is that it is quite expensive and requires several sessions to achieve the desired results. There is also a risk of hematomas and bruises in the treated areas, which, however, usually disappear spontaneously after a few days.

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