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Electric beauty chair Azzurro 705 1 engine white

Price zł3,898.98
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Cosmetic chair with up-down adjustment by remote control. Two pedals in the rear part of the base enable smooth adjustment of the backrest and cradle inclination. A comfortable armchair, folding up to 180 degrees, can be successfully used as a daybed. The headrest has a blind hole that allows you to take a comfortable position during treatments, incl. massage. The seat is covered with high-quality and easy-care eco-leather. Manually adjustable footrest. The possibility of raising the armrests upwards, which makes it easier for the customer to take a seat on the seat.

Electric beauty chair Azzurro 869A rotary 4...

Price zł7,699.98
Availability: In Stock

The Azzurro 869A Electric Beauty Chair is the perfect addition to any beauty salon or spa. With its independent motor, this chair is capable of providing a wide range of functions, making it a versatile and essential piece of equipment for any beauty professional. The chair is designed to provide maximum comfort and support to clients during treatments, ensuring they feel relaxed and at ease throughout their visit.

Electric beauty chair Azzurro 870 3 engine white

Price zł7,299.98
Availability: In Stock

The Electric Beauty Chair Azzurro 870 3 Engine White is a modern and stylish cosmetic chair that is perfect for any salon or spa. This chair is designed to provide comfort and convenience to both the patient and the practitioner during treatments. With its three powerful electric motors, this chair can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of any client.

Electric beauty chair Azzurro 878 5 motors gray

Price zł8,499.98
Availability: In Stock

A unique and innovative electric cosmetic chair, ideally suited for beauty salons and SPA salons. Thanks to independent motors, it allows you to adjust the chair in 5 planes by means of a remote control and additional buttons, giving the possibility of comfortable face and body treatments. By using the remote control, we can use the programmed settings. The chair has an electric adjustment of the seat length, which cannot be found in other cosmetic chairs.

Electric beauty chair Azzurro 708A 4 motors white

Price zł7,359.98
Availability: In Stock

Electric cosmetic chair, ideal for beauty salons and SPA salons. Thanks to independent motors, it allows you to adjust the chair in 4 planes by means of a remote control, making it possible to carry out treatments for the face and body. Using the remote control, we can adjust the height of the chair, the inclination of the backrest and footrests, and set the seat to the cradle position.

Electric beauty chair Azzurro 708A 4 motors...

Price zł7,876.98
Availability: In Stock

Electric cosmetic chair AZZURRO 708A 4 MOTOR. HEATED is the perfect solution for professionals in the beauty industry. Thanks to independent motors, the chair can be adjusted in 4 planes using a remote control, which allows you to perform various face and body treatments.

Electric seats

Electric chairs are an advanced type of beauty chairs that have electric mechanisms that allow you to adjust various parameters, such as height, backrest, headrest, armrests and footrests.

Electric chair features

Electric height adjustment: Power seats allow precise and smooth height adjustment. Thanks to the electric mechanism, the height of the chair can be adjusted to the customer's preferences and the convenience of the beautician using buttons or a remote control.

Adjustable backrest and headrest: Electric seats allow you to adjust the backrest and headrest. They can be raised, lowered or adjusted in angle, which provides the client with a comfortable position during treatments, and also facilitates access to various parts of the body.

Armrests and footrests: Electric seats often have adjustable armrests and footrests. These elements can be adjusted to a comfortable position of the client, providing support for the arms and legs. The adjustable footrests also allow the client's legs to be elevated for a more relaxing experience.

Programs and memory settings: Some power seats have built-in programs and a memory function that allows you to program and store various settings. This allows you to quickly adjust the chair to a specific procedure or client's preferences.

Comfort and luxurious finish: Power seats are often equipped with comfortable upholstery made of luxurious materials. Soft and durable upholstery provides comfort during longer treatments, and at the same time adds elegance and professionalism to the beauty salon.

Durable construction: Electric seats are solidly made of durable materials such as metal or aluminum to ensure stability and durability. A solid construction is important for the safety of the client and the long-term use of the chair.


Electric cosmetic seats add comfort and convenience to the client, as they allow the position of the chair to be adjusted to individual needs and requirements. They can also be equipped with additional features such as massage, heating or ventilation to further enhance the comfort and customer experience. As with beauty chairs, when choosing an electric beauty chair it's important to make sure it's made of high-quality materials and will stand up to long-term use. In short, cosmetic electric chairs are comfortable and functional chairs that provide the client with comfort during cosmetic procedures. They are especially recommended for beauty salons, spas and hairdressing salons that want to provide their clients with the best experience during treatments.

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