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Kessner profesjonalna suszarka JET 1600 IONIC

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The Kessner JET1600 Ionic professional hair dryer was designed based on the latest technology and equipped with innovative functions to make services in the hairdressing salon as efficient as possible . High efficiency, ergonomic design of the device and its elegant appearance provide a unique experience while working. The dryer is characterized by a moderate noise level, reaching a sound intensity of 83 dB, which guarantees comfortable use .

KESSNER devices

Urządzenia Kessner are high-quality devices used in hair salons, offering various features and styling options. Kessner devices are highly regarded in hair salons for their quality, reliability, and functionality. They are designed for professional use and assist hairdressers in creating a variety of hairstyles and hair styling.

Kessner Brand - Divino Offer

Kessner Hair Dryers: Kessner hair dryers are designed to provide efficient hair drying while maintaining a healthy appearance and condition. They offer various temperature and speed settings to customize the drying process for different hair types. Additionally, Kessner hair dryers may feature ionization function, which reduces hair static and adds smoothness and shine.

Kessner Hair Straighteners: Kessner hair straighteners enable effective hair smoothing and straightening to achieve the desired look. They are equipped with ceramic or tourmaline coatings, which protect the hair from overheating and minimize the risk of damage. With different temperature settings, the heat can be adjusted according to individual needs and preferences.

Kessner Hair Curlers: Kessner offers various models of hair curlers that allow for creating beautiful and long-lasting curls. Available in different sizes, Kessner curlers offer versatility in achieving different curl sizes and types. They feature temperature control, allowing for heat adjustment based on hair type. The ceramic or tourmaline coatings used in Kessner curlers ensure even heat distribution and protect the hair from damage.

Kessner Hair Clippers: Kessner hair clippers are professional tools used by hairdressers. They are known for their precision and durability, enabling precise and even hair cutting. Kessner clippers come with various attachments and blades, allowing for different hair lengths and cutting styles.

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