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Welder of paper and foil packages

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Preparation of instruments for sterilization in paper and foil packages is the most effective method of sterilization of instruments packed in autoclaves. Thanks to the Sealing Machine, it is possible to place tools in a safe, sterile package and subject them to a sterilization process. After this process, packed in this way, they remain sterile for up to 6 months.

Package welders

Welders for sterilization packages are devices used in the sterilization process to ensure tightness and safe storage of medical or cosmetic tools.

Principle of operation

Sterilization package welders use the principle of heat sealing, which involves the use of appropriate temperature and pressure to join packaging elements, such as special sterilization bags or sheets. The heat and pressure cause the inner layer of the package to melt, creating a tight seal.

Welder functions

Time and temperature control: Sterilization package sealers typically have built-in time and temperature control. The operator can set the appropriate time and temperature depending on the type of packaging and materials used. It is important to maintain the correct parameters to ensure effective sterilization and safety of the packs.

Automatic processes: Some sterilization package sealers have automatic process functions, which means that once the appropriate parameters are set and the packages are placed in the device, the sealing process is automatic. This facilitates and speeds up the sterilization process.

Safety systems: Sterilization package sealers are equipped with various safety systems to prevent accidental damage or injury. These may include features such as overheating protection, emergency alarms, lock systems or protection against opening during operation.

Design and size: Sterilization package sealers can have different sizes and designs, depending on your needs and requirements. These can be compact tabletop units or larger free-standing units. The construction can be made of durable materials such as stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning.

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