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Gabbiano infrazon standing Y-707 white

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Gabbiano is a luxurious Italian brand of hairdressing equipment and furniture, distinguished by reliability, quality and aesthetics, as well as high comfort of use. The offer includes a large selection of functional salon equipment elements, such as armchairs, car washes and infrazones.

Gabbiano infrazon hanging 868A black

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Infrazon is a device used to accelerate chemical and hair care treatments. Infrazon for hair is a device that shortens the time of permanent waving, bleaching, dyeing or simply applying a mask and faster and better absorption into the hair. Infrazon significantly shortens the time of treatments, thus saving the time of the hairdresser and the client. Electronic adjustment of parameters greatly facilitates the work of the hairdresser.

Hairdressing equipment

Hairdressing equipment is a broad category, covering a variety of tools and devices used in hairdressing salons to perform various hairdressing services. If you are looking for professional hairdressing equipment, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our Divino store.

Hairdressing equipment - Divino offer

Hair dryers and straighteners: Hair dryers and straighteners are indispensable tools in hairdressing salons. Dryers allow you to dry and style your hair quickly, while straighteners allow you to smooth and straighten wavy or curly hair.

Clippers: Clippers are used to cut hair precisely. There are many types of razors, including adjustable-length clippers, contour clippers, and finishing clippers. They provide the hairdresser with precision and control during the haircut.

Hairdressing washes: Hairdressing washes are specially designed for the comfortable washing of the client's hair. They have ergonomic shapes and comfortable seats, and their equipment usually includes adjustable heads, water spouts and massage functions that make washing a relaxing experience.

Infrazones and curlers: Infrazones and curlers are used to create different styles of hair. Infrazones use infrared radiation to heat and shape your hair, while curlers create beautiful, long-lasting curls. Both of these categories of devices are popular in hairdressing salons.

Coloring devices: Hairdressing salons use a variety of hair coloring devices, such as dyeing brushes, mixing bowls, highlighting foils and heating hoods. These devices help in precise application of paints and creating effective coloring effects.

Styling tools: This category includes various tools such as brushes, combs, curling brushes, styling rollers, barrettes and hairpins. These tools are essential for creating various hairstyles, updos and hair styling.

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