The SMART device is a simple and reliable device, necessary in every beauty salon, with two functions:
Ultrasounds soften the epidermis, accelerate the absorption of cosmetic preparations, and increase metabolism and blood circulation.
The electrocoagulator is used to remove skin lesions using electrocaoagulation, i.e. cutting cellular protein using an electric arc. Designed to remove warts, the so-called warts, seborrheic warts or milia. Extremely helpful in removing warts during pedicures and manicures.
The device includes:
- base
- needle holder
- 2 ultrasonic heads
- power cable
- guarantee
- 3 pcs. disposable needles for the electrocoagulator
- 1 pc. needle/cone for the electrocoagulator

Technical data :
voltage 230V
output frequency 50/60Hz
power: 25W
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