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Vitamin Line revitalization

SYIS - Regeneration

SYIS regenerating masks play a key role during skin rejuvenation treatments, especially in professional salon care. They are products with an exceptionally high concentration of nutrients, available in various variants with valuable additives, such as caviar or spirulina. These intensive masks have a significant impact on the regeneration processes of the epidermis, strengthening both the walls of blood vessels and the lipid layer. SYIS masks , based on micronized marine algae, can be used not only on the face, but also on the body, which is a perfect complement to slimming treatments due to their anti-cellulite properties.

The offer also includes specialized products dedicated to particularly sensitive areas around the eyes. The richness of powdered rice, which strengthens, moisturizes and protects the delicate skin around the eyelids against moisture loss, is their strength. Additionally, they contain apricot seeds, rich in vitamin E, which prevents skin aging and improves microcirculation, eliminating dark circles and bags under the eyes.

SYIS - creams

Tightening creams are a professional ending of the rejuvenation treatment. Particularly recommended is a lifting preparation with a synthetic imitation of Tropidolaemus wagleri viper venom, which effectively lifts the facial contour, perfect for the care of mature skin. This cream can become an integral part of the daily care routine of a client using rejuvenation treatments, available in two sizes: 100 ml for salon use and 50 ml, dedicated to resale. The tightening cream also has a special version intended for the care of the eye area, especially important for mature skin. The formula with pomegranate and purple coneflower extracts effectively reduces swelling around the eyes. Grapeseed oil, vitamin E and caffeine brighten and improve skin circulation. Additionally, the cream contains soothing and regenerating Panthenol, collagen and hyaluronic acid. The series also includes ampoules intended for treatments, offering two different formulas - with synthetic viper venom and collagen.

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