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Hairdressing footstool - a very important detail in every hairdressing salon.
It gives the possibility of supporting the legs during the procedure, thanks to which the client takes the most comfortable position. Fixed to the floor, INOX steel.

Hairdressing footrests

Hairdressing footrests are special devices that provide customers with convenience and comfort during hairdressing services. Hairdressing footrests are not only practical, but also important for the comfort of customers and the effective work of the hairdresser. Thanks to them, a professional and comfortable environment is provided during hairdressing services.

Functions of hairdressing footrests

Height adjustment: Hairdressing footrests are usually equipped with a height adjustment mechanism, which allows them to be adjusted to the individual needs of the client. Thanks to this, you can easily set the right height of the footrest so that the client can sit comfortably and maintain the correct position during cutting, coloring or other hairdressing treatments.

Comfortable seat: Hairdressing footstools usually have a soft and comfortable seat that provides the client with comfort during longer hairdressing treatments. They can be covered with a material that is easy to clean and resistant to dirt, which makes it easier to maintain hygiene in the hairdressing salon.

Stable construction: Hairdressing footstools are made of durable materials such as metal or plastic, which ensure stability and durability. Thanks to the solid construction, the footrests are able to support the appropriate weight of the client and provide safe support during hairdressing services.

Ease of use: Barber feet are easy to use. They usually have convenient handles or pedals that allow the barber to adjust the height of the footrest without having to stop working. Thanks to this, you can quickly and conveniently adjust the footrest to the customer's needs.

Aesthetic design: Hairdressing footstools are available in a variety of styles and designs to match the decor and atmosphere of your hair salon. They can have an elegant and modern look or a classic style, allowing you to adjust them to individual preferences and the character of the living room.

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