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Vaposons are devices used in cosmetology to perform skin cleansing treatments, commonly known as vaping. The main function of vapozones is to generate steam that is gently heated and directed to the face or other areas of the skin. Steam helps to open skin pores, loosen impurities, excess sebum and other impurities, making them easier to remove.

Principle of operation

Wapozon consists of a base with a water tank and a heater that heats the water to create steam. The steam is then directed through a flexible tube to a special applicator that is held over the skin. The applicator can be shaped like a funnel or nozzle to direct the steam to the right places. Wapozon is commonly used in skin cleansing treatments, especially during the so-called. cavitation or mechanical peeling. The steam helps loosen blackheads, softens the epidermis and facilitates the removal of impurities such as dead skin cells, excess sebum or make-up residue.

Skin benefits

Wapozone not only helps to cleanse the skin, but can also improve blood circulation, increase skin hydration and prepare it for other treatments such as chemical peels, masks or the application of skin care products. Thanks to open pores, the skin is more sensitive to active substances. Wapozon is usually used in professional beauty salons by trained personnel. It is important to observe hygiene rules and safe use of the device, such as steam temperature control and appropriate distances from the skin. In the case of sensitive or couperose skin, care should be taken to avoid irritation.

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