Vases are devices necessary in every beauty salon, which are designed to vaporize the face, neck, arms, cleavage and back, as well as other parts of the body. Its primary function is to moisturize the skin. Warm water and steam, thanks to the ability to soften dead skin cells, help in the skin cleansing procedure. The vases in our offer are enriched with an additional aromatherapy function.

What does the vaporizer give us:

It disinfects the skin

It opens the pores

The steam penetrates the pores, cleaning impurities in the form of accumulated fat, residues of various types of cosmetics

The steam helps the skin to excrete toxins

It has a softening effect on the skin

Accelerates blood circulation,

Moisturizes and refreshes the skin,

It improves metabolism

Restores the natural acidity of the skin

Significantly improves the results of the massage

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