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Gabbiano hairdressing vacuum cleaner Automatic...

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The Automatic standing hairdressing vacuum cleaner is a practical device that effectively facilitates keeping the hairdressing salon clean . Thanks to it, you can quickly clean up hair from the floor and keep your workplace tidy , without the need to use a traditional brush. The operation of the device is intuitive - just sweep the dirt onto the base of the vacuum cleaner, and the built-in infrared sensors will detect it and automatically start vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a capacious, bagless tank that can be easily emptied and washed under running water.

Gabbiano Wersal hairdressing chair, bottle...

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The stylish Gabbiano Wersal hairdressing chair equipped with an efficient hydraulic lift has been designed to ensure high comfort of use and facilitate the performance of a wide range of treatments. The unique shape, interesting quilting and decorative polished elements in shades of gold give it an elegant look and will emphasize the character of the interior.

Kessner profesjonalna suszarka JET 1600 IONIC

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The Kessner JET1600 Ionic professional hair dryer was designed based on the latest technology and equipped with innovative functions to make services in the hairdressing salon as efficient as possible . High efficiency, ergonomic design of the device and its elegant appearance provide a unique experience while working. The dryer is characterized by a moderate noise level, reaching a sound intensity of 83 dB, which guarantees comfortable use .

Gabbiano Tiziano barber chair in white and black

Price zł1,999.98
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The stylish Gabbiano Tiziano barber chair is a modern piece of furniture equipped with an effective hydraulic lift and adjustable backrest . Rich adjustment options allow the chair to be perfectly matched to the treatments performed, which significantly increases the comfort of services . The aesthetic finish will make the armchair a decoration of every barber's salon, and its high functionality will ensure comfort and efficiency of work.

Gabbiano Fine Silver stool

Price zł699.98
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Gabbiano is a luxury Italian brand of hairdressing equipment and furniture, which is distinguished by reliability, quality and aesthetics as well as high comfort of use. The offer includes a large selection of functional elements of showroom equipment, such as armchairs, car washes and infrazones.


Professional equipment for a hairdressing salon is an extremely important element of the success of every hairdresser. It has a direct impact on the first impression that the customer gets when entering the salon. Aesthetic furniture, high-quality products and accessories as well as attractive interior design create a pleasant and harmonious space, which is as important as the effectiveness of hairdressing services, such as coloring or cutting. A comfortable armchair, a practical footrest and a convenient car wash contribute to increasing customer satisfaction with the service and encourage them to return to the salon.

Hairdressing salon equipment - Divino offer

In our Divino online store, we offer comprehensive equipment for your hair salon. Shopping can be done conveniently online, saving both money and valuable time. Our offer includes:

Hairdressing equipment is another important piece of equipment. Dryers, straighteners, curling irons, clippers, infrazones and saunas are essential tools for a hairdresser, enabling various treatments and hair styling. It is important that the devices are of high quality, durable and functional, ensuring professional results.

Hairdressing tools, such as scissors, combs, hairbrushes, thinners and other accessories, are indispensable for precise hair cutting, styling and modeling. High-quality tools guarantee precision and durability.

In addition, hairdressing accessories, such as footrests, washing bowls, hairdressing trunks, disposable and reusable towels, aprons, sprayers and many others, help to maintain order and provide comfortable conditions when performing hairdressing services.

Hairdressing furniture is the basis for the equipment of a hairdressing salon. These include, above all, a hairdresser's chair, which should be comfortable, adjustable and ergonomic to ensure the client's comfort during treatments. Hairdressing washes are also important, which enable thorough washing and hair care. In addition, stylish sofas or chairs for customers can be selected for the waiting room of the salon.

Professional equipment

The choice of hairdressing salon equipment should be well thought out, taking into account aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, quality and durability. Professional equipment contributes to creating a positive impression among customers, increases the quality of services provided and affects the efficiency of the hairdresser's work.

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