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Containers for disinfection

Disinfection containers are special containers or vessels that are used for safe and effective disinfection of various tools, equipment or objects used in the cosmetics, podiatry and dental industries.


Disinfection containers are usually made of durable and chemical-resistant materials such as glass, stainless steel, plastic or ceramic. These materials are easy to clean, corrosion resistant and ensure the durability of the container.

Capacity and tightness

Disinfection containers have different shapes and sizes that are adapted to the specific needs and type of disinfected items. These can be flat containers with a lid, deep vessels with a mesh for placing tools or specially designed holders for tweezers or scissors. Disinfection containers come in different capacities to allow disinfection of both individual tools and larger sets of tools. Containers of various sizes are available, so that they can be adapted to the specific needs and volume of disinfected items.

Some disinfection containers can be fitted with special inserts or trays that make it easier to organize and separate the instruments to be disinfected. These cartridges may have holes or meshes that allow the disinfectant fluid to flow freely and ensure that the instruments are evenly soaked.

Many disinfection containers are equipped with lids or closures that ensure the safe storage of tools during the disinfection process. A good seal or hermetic closure of the container helps maintain the effectiveness of the disinfectant and prevents the spread of the disinfectant.

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