Take advantage of the financing offer for purchases on Divino.pl via leasing.

We are a partner of LeaseLink Sp. z o.o., which enables quick leasing purchases for any devices. LeaseLink is a popular lessor - known, inter alia, from cooperation with Allegro.pl

At any time and in any place for you, you can arrange the leasing completely ONLINE in a few minutes.

Do you have a company? Lease it



Operating lease

For any items you buy with a value of 1,000 - 50,000 PLN net. The repayment period may be from 18 to 48 months, the contract is concluded for the net value of the object of purchase, the minimum initial payment is 10%, and the maximum is 40%.

All payments invoiced by the lessor constitute tax deductible expenses for your company. You can also deduct 23% VAT from these fees (ask your accountant about it)

The subject of the lease is the property of the lessor, but you use it and it becomes your property after the end of the contract and payment of the redemption value; 20%, 10% or 0.1%).

In the case of operational leasing - a verification fee of PLN 1 is required, after verification of the company LeaseLink will send you the contract for signature via courier. The whole process is simple and extremely fast.


Leasing loan

For any items with a value of 500 - 20,000 PLN net, the repayment period may be from 3 to 18 months. The contract is concluded for the gross value of the object of purchase (the purchase is your property), the minimum initial payment is 5%, and the maximum is 40%.

From the accounting point of view, the difference from operating lease is that throughout the term of the contract, you only include the interest part of the monthly installment as tax deductible costs.

You receive an invoice for the purchase of the item from the seller for your company details. You have the option to include the entire purchase in the costs and to deduct VAT at one time (ask your accountant about it)

It is the fastest form of deferred payment, when you choose a leasing loan from LeaseLink, it will pay for your purchases immediately. We will make the payment a few moments after you sign the contract document.


How to use leasing in Divino?

As if you were making an ordinary order - select the "Lease" payment method in the basket. After the purchase, you will be redirected to the lessor's website where you will be able to adjust the leasing parameters such as the initial payment and the repayment period. The registration data of the company should also be completed in the form, and in the next step, a verification fee of PLN 1 should be made.

You can also use the "Lease Now" widget - in this case you will be immediately redirected to the form on the lessor's website.

Remember that if you withdraw from leasing - it does not generate any liabilities.



Why leasing and not installments?

  • Leasing is a recognized and popular form of financing purchases. Over 50% of Polish entrepreneurs used leasing, and nearly 90% declare that they are satisfied with the service.
  • Leasing is characterized by a much higher credit acceptability than in the case of installments.
  • The leasing offer at LeaseLink is tailored to the companies, the credit decision is issued without the need to share documents and financial results of the company.
  • You enter all fees into the company's costs.
  • No need for depreciation and recording of fixed assets.
  • You generate "monthly expenses" that reduce the tax base.
  • You wait 2 minutes for the credit decision, the whole matter will be done in less than 10 minutes.
  • The service works On-line, 24H / 7/365



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