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Accessories for autoclaves

Autoclave accessories for all kinds of additional elements that are used to facilitate and improve the sterilization process in autoclaves.

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Sterilization Indicators are special labels or strips that indicate whether a given sterilization cycle has been performed correctly. These indicators change color or display special symbols, informing about setting the parameters of temperature and sterilization time.

Water filters Autoclaves often require clean water to power operation. Water filters such as carbon cartridges or reverse osmosis are used to remove substances and chemicals from water, sterilization water has been introduced.

Autoclave inserts are special bags or containers that are used to place tools or medical devices inside the autoclave. These cartridges are pre-procedure pre-treatment during sterilization procedures and instrument handling.

Cleaning devices To keep the autoclave clean and to ensure sterilization conditions, a special cleaning device is necessary. These can be brushes, sponges, sterilization detergents or special agents for removing deposits or sterilization residues.

Welders for sterilization packages are used for sterilization to ensure tightness and safe storage of technical or cosmetic tools.

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