Set Dermo Lift & Peel device + Gel for the Dermo Lift & Peel treatment + HELIX AMPOULES
With the help of the Dermo Lift & Peel device, you can safely clean your skin, get a face lifting effect and nourish the skin. The SYIS device is so secure that you can now use it alone whenever you want.
For the injection procedure, it is necessary to use the Dermo Lift & Peel treatment gel.
removes dead epidermal cells
closes enlarged pores
heals and inhibits acne
reduces scars
cleanses the skin
regulates and reduces the secretion of sebum
firms and lifts the skin
reduces wrinkles
accelerates the formation of collagen
stimulates cells to natural renewal
transport of active substances contained in the ampoule into deep parts of the skin
When signs of fatigue, excessive dryness appear on the skin, and mimic wrinkles become deeper, relief will be provided by the rejuvenating and lifting DERMO LIFT & PEEL treatment with pure gold ions.
Gold has regenerative and smoothing properties, rebuilds collagen in the dermis and, as a result, eliminates the signs of aging.
In therapy, we combine sonophoresis with cavitation peeling to increase the effect of the treatment.
Dermo lift & peel is also intended for people who use aesthetic medicine treatments as an extension of the action of needle mesotherapy or hyaluronic acid.
Technical data:
voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
1.5W power
spatula - from 25KHz
device dimensions L 48 x W 31 x H 13 cm
packaging dimensions 54 x 40 x 23 cm
weight with packaging 4.5 kg
number of packages 1
12-month warranty
Gel for the Dermo Lift & Peel treatment
The gel is necessary to perform the nourishing and lifting treatment with the Dermo Lift & Peel SYIS device.
Thanks to the appropriate consistency, it increases the absorption of active substances into the skin and makes it easier to glide the spatula.
It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to maintain the optimal level of skin hydration.
How to use: After applying the ampoule or serum, apply the gel to the skin of the face and start the treatment.
Capacity: 200 ml
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