The Elegante brand offers functional solutions for beauty salons that improve the performance of services. The assortment includes many models of practical magnifying and treatment lamps, towel warmers and professional devices for specialized treatments.

An innovative slimming and firming device for a perfect figure

The carefully designed professional Elegante Platinum T8108 device for pressotherapy with infrared and electrostimulation supports the body correction process. It is equipped with fat-breaking, lymphatic drainage and skin firming functions. This ensures the possibility of achieving significant effects when modeling the body . The beauty combine is a perfect solution for beauty salons, allowing you to significantly expand the offer of treatments.

Comprehensive action for effective results

A modern weight loss device uses electrical impulses, infrared radiation and airbags to reduce fat cells as effectively as possible . Additionally, using low-frequency electric current , it improves skin elasticity, accelerates blood circulation and relaxes muscles . It may also affect the effectiveness of active substances from the cosmetics you use. This comprehensive solution also includes anti-inflammatory and sleep quality-improving functions . Helps improve your figure after significant weight loss.

Intuitive LED display

A clear, large display allows you to constantly monitor key factors for treatments. The touch-sensitive, transparent interface ensures high functionality and intuitive operation. The panel enables precise control , allowing you to easily adjust the time, adjust parameters and choose from a variety of operating modes. It makes operating the device easy and pleasant and allows it to be adjusted to the individual preferences and needs of the customer.

Comprehensive body shaping support

Modern technologies used in the Elegante Platinum T8108 device offer innovative solutions that not only support body shaping, but also have a beneficial effect on overall health .


Pressotherapy, i.e. pressure massage , is the key function of the device. It affects the lymphatic and circulatory systems using lymphatic drainage , filling the chambers of the pressure suit in the appropriate order through a vacuum pump. Effectively stimulates the lymphatic system, accelerating the elimination of toxins . Pressotherapy is also one of the most effective methods in anti-cellulite therapy , it supports the reduction of residual fluids and metabolic waste.

Far infrared

Functions based on far infrared are a comprehensive solution that supports body shaping and improving overall health . Reaching deep into the layers of the skin, it breaks down fat cells, supports the elimination of various compounds and stimulates the lymphatic system . The advantages of the technology used include: acceleration of metabolism , elimination of fat, reduction of muscle and joint pain, elimination of inflammation, improvement of blood circulation and circulation of body fluids. The function provides comprehensive support for a healthy lifestyle , and additionally has anti-cellulite properties and accelerates regeneration after training or injuries.


Electrostimulation is a great feature that uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles . By precisely regulating the intensity and frequency of impulses , the device affects individual muscle groups, inducing their contractions. Electrostimulation plays a key role in body shaping , reducing fat tissue and shaping muscles. It also helps to improve skin elasticity . The device offers comprehensive support for those who want to take care of both their figure and general health.

Available modes and adjustment options

The device offers a variety of modes and extensive adjustment options , providing a personalized user experience. Choosing the place of action allows for concentrated action on specific areas of the body . The flexibility of available session times, ranging from 1 to 60 minutes , allows you to tailor treatments to individual preferences. In the infrared range, you can choose from 8 intensity levels , adjusting the depth of operation to your needs. In the case of pressure massage , 3 different modes and 10 intensity levels are available, which allows you to compose a treatment tailored to your expectations. In terms of electrostimulation, it is possible to adjust the intensity to 8 levels and choose from 5 types of modes , which allows you to adjust the stimulation to your preferences. As a result, the device provides comprehensive control over all relevant parameters , allowing you to configure the session in accordance with the user's preferences and goals.

Futuristic design for versatility of use

A device with an innovative and modern design that not only attracts attention with its aesthetics, but also ensures high functionality . The key element of the device, the suit, is made of durable material , which not only maximizes operating efficiency, but also guarantees easy and quick cleaning after each use. Its soft and comfortable structure, widely adjustable using Velcro, allows it to serve customers with various body shapes and body types. Anti-slip elements on the bottom of the device base ensure stability during use . Thanks to its careful design, the Elegante Platinum T8108 device looks stylish, but also meets the needs of customers, ensuring comfort and versatility of use.

The dimensions of the device are given in the photo. Approximate dimensions of the suit given in the photo (measured flat).
Please read the instructions carefully before use.
The set includes: device base, suit with air chambers, elastic band, electrodes, cables, power supply, fuse, instructions.

Working time: 1-60 min
Power: 350 W
Voltage: 220V
Warranty: 12 months
Package dimensions: 69x45x50 cm

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