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Sugar pastes

Sugar pastes are a popular and effective depilatory product, which is often used in professional beauty salons. It is a natural alternative to other methods of hair removal, such as wax or razor. Sugar pastes consist of simple ingredients such as sugar, water and lemon juice, which makes them skin-friendly and less irritating compared to some other preparations.

Depilation with sugar paste

Sugar paste is applied to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth and then removed by violently tearing in the direction of hair growth. It works similarly to waxing, but sugar paste is more flexible and gentler on the skin.

Advantages of depilation with sugar paste

Natural composition: Sugar paste does not contain chemical substances or artificial additives, which makes it more skin-friendly and less likely to cause irritation. Less risk of chafing and irritation: Thanks to its elasticity, the sugar paste sticks only to the hairs and not to the skin, which reduces the risk of chafing, irritation and cuts. Effectiveness on short hair: Sugar paste is able to catch and remove hairs as short as 2-3 mm, which means that it can be used even on short hair. Long-lasting effects: After depilation with sugar paste, hair usually grows back slower and is weaker, which allows for a longer period between treatments. Sugar paste depilation process: The sugar paste depilation process is similar to waxing. The sugar paste is heated, applied to the skin against the direction of hair growth and then removed by movements against the hair growth. The procedure can be repeated on other areas of the body.

Care after depilation

After the depilation treatment, it is worth reaching for depilatory gels that perfectly soothe irritations and prevent various infections. They can be used both before and after the procedure. Preparations used before depilation clean, dry and disinfect the skin. In addition, they have analgesic, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. They can be easily applied with cotton pads. To minimize irritation after depilation, it is recommended to use soothing and soothing gels that improve the condition of the skin. They are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft, smooth and properly moisturized.

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