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Lamps and podiatry loupes are extremely useful tools in podology practice, enabling a thorough examination of the skin, nails and other foot structures.


Lamps and podology magnifiers have built-in magnifiers or optical lenses that allow you to enlarge the image. Thanks to this, the podiatrist can carefully look at the structures of the feet, which is especially important during diagnostics and precise treatments.

Bright and even lighting

Lamps and podology magnifiers provide strong and even illumination of the examination area. Good lighting is essential for accurate observation of details such as skin lesions, blood vessels or nail defects.

Flexible arms and pommel

Lamps podology loupes are usually equipped with flexible arms and an adjustable head, which allows precise positioning of the lamp in the right place. The podiatrist can freely adjust the angle and position of the lighting to get the best view.

Lamps and podological loupes are an indispensable tool in podology, enabling thorough examination and diagnosis of feet. Their advanced functions and flexibility allow for precise work of the podiatrist and provide comfort for both the podiatrist and the patient.

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