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Medika 808 SLD diode laser

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The 808 SLD diode laser from the Polish manufacturer Medika is the latest technology to combat unwanted hair. Thanks to the wavelength used, we can permanently get rid of hair after just a few treatments.

Diode lasers

Laser therapy is currently the most effective and popular method both in the case of permanent removal of unwanted hair and removal of dilated capillaries. The latest technology allows you to enjoy satisfactory results after just a few treatments.

SHR lasers are a novelty on the cosmetology market when it comes to painless and complete removal of unwanted hair. They are considered to be the safest and most effective procedure for removing unwanted hair. Multifunctional cosmetic device SHR with E-Light system. SHR lasers are usually equipped with two treatment heads. One of the heads is designed for permanent hair removal with the SHR system. The second head has an IPL, thanks to which we can perform other treatments.

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