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Medika 808 SLD diode laser

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The 808 SLD diode laser from the Polish manufacturer Medika is the latest technology to combat unwanted hair. Thanks to the wavelength used, we can permanently get rid of hair after just a few treatments.

SHR BR-03 Multi-System OPT

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The SHR BD-03 Multi-System OPT device is a novelty on the cosmetology market and a revolutionary discovery in terms of permanent hair removal. A multifunctional device designed mainly for 100% safe and painless depilation, revolutionary smooth skin technology, thermal lifting, photorejuvenation, permanent acne treatment, rosacea removal and reduction of spider veins.

SHR BR-06 Multi-System OPT + SR

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The SHR BD-06 Multi-System OPT + SR device is a novelty on the cosmetology market. The 360 magnetic-optical system consists of two modules. The first is the IPL module and the second is the magnetic module. The multi-functional device is mainly designed for painless hair removal, discoloration reduction, skin lightening, rejuvenation and improvement of skin condition.

Diode lasers

Beauty Lasers

Laser therapy is currently the most effective and popular method both in the case of permanent removal of unwanted hair and removal of dilated capillaries on the face and body. The latest technology allows you to enjoy with satisfactory results after just a few treatments. We present in our offer innovative diode lasers and lasers using SHR technology.

Diode lasers for hair removal

Diode lasers are devices that use laser radiation to permanently remove unwanted body hair.

Diode lasers for hair removal operate on the principle of selective photothermolysis, i.e. a process in which the energy of the laser light is absorbed by melanin, a natural pigment found in the hair. As a result of energy absorption by melanin, the hair bulb is thermally damaged, which prevents the hair from growing again.

Diode lasers for closing blood vessels

The diode laser for closing vessels uses a beam with a light length of 810 nm. It is the safest and at the same time the most effective wavelength for this type of treatment. Laser radiation causes the absorption of light by the dilated capillaries, and more precisely by the blood that is in them. This blood is heated by a laser inside it to a very high temperature, and then it is destroyed and absorbed into particles.

SHR lasers

SHR (Super Hair Removal) lasers are modern devices used for laser hair removal. SHR lasers use the technology of innovative flash lamps that emulate radio waves, not light laser, which distinguishes them from traditional diode lasers. The use of SHR technology allows the use of shorter light pulses, which results in less heat generated in the skin, which ensures a safer and less painful depilation treatment. SHR lasers are effective at removing both dark and light hair, as well as depilating tanned skin, which makes them more versatile than traditional diode lasers.

The SHR laser hair removal treatment consists in irradiating the skin with a beam of laser rays that penetrate the hair follicles and then hit the melanin contained in the hair structure. The laser energy is transformed into heat, which damages the hair structure and causes its gradual reduction.

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