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Cosmetic lamps

Cosmetic lamps are widely used in the beauty industry and offer a variety of features and benefits for different types of treatments. Our Divino offer includes a wide selection of UV lamps, LED lamps, desk lamps, magnifying lamps and make-up ring lamps.

Lamps for curing hybrid varnishes

These lamps are used in manicure and pedicure to fix the hybrid varnish. They emit UV or LED light, which polymerizes the varnish, ensuring long-term durability and a high-quality finish. Depending on the lamp and varnish, the curing time may vary.

Makeup lamps

Make-up lamps are specially designed to provide optimal lighting when applying makeup. Makeup lamps are designed to simulate natural light, which is best for accurately assessing colors and makeup details. They often use LED technology, which provides an even and neutral light without affecting color tones. Many makeup lamps have a brightness adjustment feature that allows you to adjust the light intensity to suit your individual needs and lighting conditions. You can easily increase or decrease the brightness for optimal makeup conditions. Make-up lamps are designed to minimize the emission of UV radiation and effects unfavorable to the eyes. They usually use LED technology, which is safe for the eyes and does not cause flickering or eyestrain. Some makeup lamps are portable and can be easily moved from place to place. There are also models that have an adjustable angle of inclination, which allows you to adjust the lighting to the preferred angle and make it easier to apply make-up. Makeup lamps are ideal for both professionals and people doing makeup at home. They provide adequate lighting that allows precise application and evaluation of makeup effects. Before purchasing a makeup lamp, consider your individual preferences for brightness, angle adjustment, and portability to find the best solution for your needs.

Magnifying glass lamps

Magnifying glass lamps, also known as magnifying lamps, are special devices that combine lighting with magnification to facilitate precise work in various fields, such as cosmetology, dentistry, podiatry. Magnifier lamps have built-in optical lenses or magnifying mirrors that allow you to magnify the image. The magnification can be from a few to several times, depending on the model. Thanks to this, details are clearly visible, which facilitates precise work.

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