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UV LED lamps for nails

Innovative LED lamps for manicure and pedicure are equipped with energy-saving diodes that allow for uniform curing of all types of UV gels and hybrid varnishes on the entire surface of the nail plate in a shorter time. The offered devices are the best example that maximum functionality can go hand in hand with an interesting appearance, which your customers will certainly pay attention to.

Fix time

UV lamps have different curing times, which depend on the power of the lamp and the type and brand of hybrid or gel varnish. Fixation time can range from several dozen seconds to several minutes per one layer of varnish.

Power and type of fluorescent lamps

UV lamps come in different wattage, usually expressed in watts (W). It is important to use a lamp with the appropriate power in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of hybrid or gel varnish. Most UV lamps use fluorescent lamps with a wavelength of 365 nm, which is optimal for curing chemicals used in paints.

UV lamps for nails are extremely useful in professional beauty salons and at home for fixing hybrid varnishes

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