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Hairdressing tools

Professional equipment for a hair salon is an extremely important element of success for every hairdresser. It directly affects the first impression that clients have when entering the salon. Stylish furniture, high-quality products and accessories, as well as attractive interior design, create a pleasant and harmonious space that is just as important as the effectiveness of hairdressing services such as coloring and cutting. Comfortable chairs, practical footrests, and convenient washbasins contribute to increasing customer satisfaction with the service and encourage them to return to the salon. The equipment for a hair salon includes a wide range of tools and devices that are necessary for providing professional hairdressing services. In the offer of our store, Divino, you will find essential tools used for creating various hair styles, grooming facial hair, and conducting coloring and hair dyeing treatments.

Hairdressing Tools - Divino's Offer

Straight razors are tools used for precise shaving and shaping of facial hair. They have very sharp blades that enable precise trimming of facial hair. Straight razors can be either disposable or have replaceable blades, depending on the hairdresser's preference.

Combs are basic hairdressing tools used for combing, styling, and separating hair. They can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic, and come in different sizes, tooth lengths, and spacing to accommodate different hair types and lengths.

Beard brushes are specialized brushes designed for grooming facial hair and beards. They are typically smaller than traditional hair brushes and have soft bristles or natural hair that assists in detangling, knot removal, and shaping the beard.

Hair coloring brushes are used for precise application of hair dye or other coloring products. They usually have long, thin bristles and ergonomic handles that allow the hairdresser to apply the dye to specific sections of hair. Hair coloring brushes are also useful for creating ombre or highlighting effects.

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