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Hydraulic podology chair 112 white

Price zł2,345.98
Availability: In Stock

Hydraulic Podology Chair 112 White is a highly functional and modern cosmetic chair that provides comfort to both patients and practitioners during treatments. Made from the highest quality materials, this chair is durable and stable, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

Hydraulic podology chair 112 grey

Price zł2,345.98
Availability: In Stock

The Hydraulic Podology Chair 112 Grey is a modern and innovative piece of equipment designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience to both patients and practitioners during podiatry treatments. This chair is built with durability and stability in mind, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy podiatry clinic.

Electric beauty chair Lux Pedi 5M

Price zł4,699.98
Availability: In Stock

The Lux pedi 5M is an electrically controlled cosmetic chair that is perfect for use in beauty salons and spa centers. This chair is ideal for various cosmetic treatments such as pedicures, makeup, and massages. It is equipped with five electric motors that control the height of the chair, the backrest, the angle of the seat, and the footrests. 

Electric podiatric beauty chair Kate 4 motor white

Price zł5,699.98
Availability: In Stock

The Electric Podiatric Beauty Chair Kate 4 Motor White is a modern and innovative beauty chair that is designed to provide maximum comfort to both the patient and the practitioner during a podiatric treatment. This chair is equipped with four quiet electric motors that allow for quick and easy adjustments using a remote control. Additionally, there is an optional foot switch (code 133026) that can be connected to the chair for added convenience.

Electric beauty chair Azzurro 673AS pedi 1...

Price zł3,192.98
Availability: In Stock

Electric cosmetic chair Azzurro 673AS pedi 1 motor. white is a product that will surely satisfy every professional dealing with cosmetics. Thanks to the up-down adjustment with a remote control and manual adjustment of the backrest and footrests, the chair is very comfortable to use and allows you to adjust it to the individual needs of the client.

Electric beauty chair Azzurro 869AS rotary...

Price zł7,799.98
Availability: In Stock

The Azzurro 869AS electric cosmetic chair is the perfect addition to any beauty salon or spa. With its independent motors, it allows for adjustment in 5 different planes using a remote control, giving you the ability to perform facial and body treatments with ease. The innovative design of the chair allows for a 90-degree rotation to the right and left, making it even more versatile.

Electric beauty chair Azzurro 706 pedi 1 motor...

Price zł4,099.98
Availability: In Stock

The Azzurro 706 pedi 1 siln. szary is an electric cosmetic chair that is perfect for beauty salons and spas. With its remote-controlled height adjustment feature, you can easily adjust the chair's height to suit your needs. The backrest and footrest can be manually adjusted to provide maximum comfort to your clients during their treatments.

Podiatry chairs

Podiatric armchairs are special pieces of furniture designed to perform various podological procedures. They offer many functions and features that promote patient comfort and facilitate the work of the subologist. It is important that the podology chair is solidly made, durable and easy to keep clean. A properly selected podiatry chair can significantly facilitate the work of a podiatrist and provide comfort to patients.

Functions of podology chairs

Position adjustment: Podology chairs have mechanisms that allow you to adjust the height, angle of inclination and backrest position. Thanks to this, the podiatrist can adjust the chair to a comfortable and ergonomic working position, and the patient can find a comfortable position during the procedure. Our offer includes hydraulic, standard and electric seats.

Footrest: Many podology chairs have a footrest that allows the patient's legs to be raised to the correct position. The footrest can be adjusted in height and angle, providing comfortable support for the legs during treatments.

Upholstery: Podology chairs are equipped with a special upholstery that is durable, easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants. The upholstery should also be comfortable and soft, ensuring patient comfort during longer procedures.

Storage and shelves: Some podology chairs have storage compartments or shelves that allow you to keep tools, instruments and other necessary items within reach. This facilitates the organization of the podiatrist's work and provides convenient access to the necessary tools.

Electric podology chairs

Electric podology chairs are comfortable to use and enable quick adjustment of the chair to the individual needs of the podiatrist and the patient. Their advanced functions allow for more precise and comfortable podiatry procedures. Electric podology chairs enable smooth adjustment of the height of the chair using the control panel. This makes it much easier to adjust the height of the chair to the preferences of the podiatrist and the type of treatment. In some models of electric podology chairs, there are functions of back massage and/or seat heating. These additional functions affect the patient's relaxation and increase comfort during the procedure.

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