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Gabbiano Wersal hairdressing chair, bottle...

Price zł1,799.98
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The stylish Gabbiano Wersal hairdressing chair equipped with an efficient hydraulic lift has been designed to ensure high comfort of use and facilitate the performance of a wide range of treatments. The unique shape, interesting quilting and decorative polished elements in shades of gold give it an elegant look and will emphasize the character of the interior.

Gabbiano president barber chair red

Price zł3,299.98
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The stylish Gabbiano BM88158 barber chair is a practical piece of furniture equipped with a durable hydraulic lift and an adjustable footrest and backrest . Wide possibilities of adjusting the position allow you to adjust the chair to the treatments performed, which significantly increases the comfort of services . The aesthetic finish makes the armchair a decoration of any interior, and its high functionality ensures comfort and work efficiency .

Gabbiano Tiziano barber chair in white and black

Price zł1,999.98
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The stylish Gabbiano Tiziano barber chair is a modern piece of furniture equipped with an effective hydraulic lift and adjustable backrest . Rich adjustment options allow the chair to be perfectly matched to the treatments performed, which significantly increases the comfort of services . The aesthetic finish will make the armchair a decoration of every barber's salon, and its high functionality will ensure comfort and efficiency of work.

Gabbiano Fine Silver stool

Price zł699.98
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Gabbiano is a luxury Italian brand of hairdressing equipment and furniture, which is distinguished by reliability, quality and aesthetics as well as high comfort of use. The offer includes a large selection of functional elements of showroom equipment, such as armchairs, car washes and infrazones.

Gabbiano hairdressing chair Lille-M gold black

Price zł1,599.98
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The elegant Gabbiano Lille-M hairdressing chair with a practical hydraulic lift is a functional piece of furniture that will become the pride of any hairdressing salon. Classic colors, interesting design and decorative elements in shades of gold give it a tasteful look. High functionality will ensure comfort for both hairdressers and its users.

Children's hairdressing chair Car BCH-608 yellow

Price zł939.00
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Children's hairdressing chair Autko BCH-608 yellow by Beauty Systems is not only a piece of furniture, but also an interactive toy that will give children a lot of joy during a visit to the hairdresser. The racing car seat has many multimedia and movement functions, such as horn, lights, songs and forward-reverse driving.

Hairdressing furniture

Hairdressing furniture in the offer of our Divino online store you will find a wide selection of furniture specially designed and intended for hairdressing salons. Hairdressing furniture is not only practical, but also an important element in creating an attractive and functional interior of a hairdressing salon. Furniture is the basis of the equipment of the hairdressing salon. These include, above all, the hairdresser's chair, which should be comfortable, adjustable and ergonomic to ensure the client's comfort during treatments. Also important are hairdresser's washes, which enable thorough washing and hair care. In addition, stylish sofas or chairs for customers can be selected for the waiting room of the salon.

Hairdressing furniture - Divino offer

In our Divino online store, we offer comprehensive equipment for your hair salon. Shopping can be done conveniently online, saving both money and valuable time. Our offer includes:

Hairdressing chairs are special chairs designed with the client's comfort in mind during haircuts, coloring and other treatments. Hairdressing chairs are adjustable, comfortable and often equipped with footrests and massage functions.

Barber chairs are an inseparable element of the equipment of hairdressing salons, especially those specializing in men's haircuts and beauty treatments. They are characterized by a unique style and functionality, enabling both precise haircuts and relaxing treatments.

Children's hairdressing chairs are specially designed furniture that allows comfortable and safe hair cutting and styling for the youngest customers. They are an important element of the equipment of hairdressing salons, which also offer services for children.

Mirrors are a key element in a hair salon. The offered hairdressing mirrors often have special lighting that provides optimal conditions for styling and precise haircuts.

Hairdressing stations are comprehensive sets of furniture that include, among others, armchairs, mirrors, countertops, cabinets and shelves. These positions are functional and allow the hairdresser to work effectively.

Tables and shelves are useful furniture for storing and presenting hairdressing products, such as hair cosmetics, brushes, dryers, curlers, etc. They can also be used as a place for drinks for customers.

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