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SYIS - Make-up removal

SYIS's line of makeup removers, known as the Cleasing Line, offers a variety of options including cleansing milks, gels and two-phase eye makeup removers. These delicate, yet effective cosmetics prepare the skin to absorb active substances, leaving it fresh and soft to the touch.

SYIS - Peelings

In the SYIS peeling department, you will find products adapted to various skin types. Mechanical and enzymatic peels help remove dead skin cells, preparing it for the next stages of care. Enzymatic peeling is an excellent alternative for people sensitive to acids, while corundum peeling with crystal gold not only cleanses but also brightens the skin.

SYIS - Ultrasound gels

Gel for ultrasound treatments is another SYIS product that supports the effectiveness of skin cleansing treatments. These innovative gels contain additional ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, improving the effects of the treatment.

SYIS - Hydrogen Purification Kits

Hydrogen device sets are sets of SYIS preparations that will make skin cleansing treatments even more effective and pleasant. Treatments using hydrogen devices, although more expensive, are becoming more and more popular, and SYIS sets allow for professional care experience in the comfort of home.


Post-treatment care is a key element of the SYIS cosmetics line. A wide selection of care products enables comprehensive completion of the treatment and further home care.

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