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Depilatory waxes

Depilatory waxes are one of the most popular products used in beauty salons to effectively remove unwanted hair. These are special wax preparations that, after heating, are applied to the skin to remove hair along with their bulbs. They offer long-lasting effects, leaving the skin smooth and soft for longer.

Types of waxes

Depilatory waxes come in different forms and types to meet different needs and preferences of customers. Here are some of the most popular types of waxes used in beauty salons:

Hard waxes are mainly used for stripless depilation. They are characterized by a hard consistency after heating, which allows for precise application on the skin. After cooling down, they become hard and can be removed without using a depilation strip. Hard waxes are ideal for removing hair from sensitive areas, such as the bikini area, armpits or mustache.

Soft waxes are the most popular type of depilatory waxes. They have a more plastic and flexible consistency than hard waxes. After heating, they are applied to the skin with a special spatula, and then covered with a depilatory strip or cloth. Once cooled, the strip is quickly peeled off, removing the hair along with the wax. Soft waxes are effective for depilation of larger areas of the body, such as legs, back or stomach.

Wax colors

Depilatory waxes are available in different variants, including clear, white, pink and blue, to suit different skin types and customer preferences. It is also important to choose waxes from reputable brands that ensure high quality and effectiveness.

Care after depilation

After the depilation treatment, it is worth reaching for depilatory gels that perfectly soothe irritations and prevent various infections. They can be used both before and after the procedure. Preparations used before depilation clean, dry and disinfect the skin. In addition, they have analgesic, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. They can be easily applied with cotton pads. To minimize irritation after depilation, it is recommended to use soothing and soothing gels that improve the condition of the skin. They are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft, smooth and properly moisturized.

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