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Gabbiano Reception desk G26B White

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The stylish Gabbiano G26B reception desk will be an excellent showcase of a professional salon, both hairdressing and beauty salon. The piece of furniture catches the eye , leaving an unforgettable impression and fits perfectly into the atmosphere of exclusive offices. It will fantastically emphasize especially glamorous interiors , and at the same time will significantly improve the organization of the workplace .

Gabbiano reception 1006 birch-venge

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We know how important the first impression is. It is worth taking care of them and making every visitor to our showroom feel the atmosphere of luxury. We will present the new reception of the Gabbiano brand. The furniture is made of the highest quality materials and perfectly finished. In its inner part there is a cabinet, a drawer and two capacious shelves. Thanks to this, the reception is very capacious and allows you to keep order in the place where all important documents are stored. Functionality and Italian elegance in one.

Lounges and reception areas

Waiting room and reception are important areas in a beauty salon, hairdresser, podiatry, spa, etc., which are crucial for the customer's first impression and effective work organization. Waiting room and reception are key areas in a beauty salon that are of great importance for customer comfort.

Comfortable space in the waiting room

The waiting room should be designed in such a way as to provide customers with a comfortable place to wait. Comfortable seats, soft cushions, tables with magazines or coffee/tea can create a pleasant atmosphere. The waiting room should reflect the aesthetics of the beauty salon. Careful finishing of the walls, appropriate lighting and harmonious decorations affect the professional image of the salon. Additional amenities, such as a bathroom, clothes racks, power outlets for charging devices, can increase the comfort and functionality of the waiting room.

Reception desk - salon showcase

Reception should be a friendly and professional point of contact between the client and the salon staff. The person working at the reception should greet customers warmly and provide them with assistance and information about the services of the salon. Reception is a place where the client can book an appointment. An online or traditional booking system should be available in the beauty salon to allow for easy scheduling and organization of appointments. Reception is also a place where the customer can pay for services. Friendly and effective handling of payment transactions is important for customer satisfaction and efficient financial organization of the salon. The reception should contain information materials on the services offered in the salon, price list, promotional materials, etc. The availability of this information makes it easier for customers to familiarize themselves with the salon's offer and make decisions regarding treatments. The reception is also the place where customer data is stored. Ensuring appropriate data protection procedures and systems is extremely important for customer privacy and compliance with data protection laws.

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