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Gabbiano barber console MT-1112 walnut

Price zł3,479.98
Availability: In Stock

Elegant barber console in brown with brass finishes. A large mirror, shelves and drawers provide functionality. Top class finish. A nice piece of furniture and at the same time a universal element of the interior that will emphasize the character of any living room.

Gabbiano mobile two-sided hairdressing console...

Price zł1,989.98
Availability: In Stock

The Gabbiano console is a professional piece of furniture with two mirrors. Smooth-running wheels allow you to quickly and easily move the console to any place. Stable, metal construction powder coated in black
Easy-to-use shelves with the option of folding and wheels equipped with a practical brake.

Gabbiano hairdressing console B058 cherry

Price zł2,222.98
Availability: In Stock

Introducing the Gabbiano Hairdressing Console B058 Cherry, a modern and stylish addition to any salon. This console features a large mirror and convenient shelves on both sides, providing ample storage space for all your hairdressing essentials. The high-quality finish of this console exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a versatile piece that can enhance the character of any salon interior.

Gabbiano hairdressing console with sink B085 grey

Price zł4,477.97
Availability: In Stock
Modern hairdressing console in gray with silver trim. A large mirror, sink and drawers provide functionality, and the entire piece of furniture is characterized by a top-class finish. It is an elegant and at the same time universal element of the interior that will emphasize the character of any living room.

Gabbiano hairdressing console Solo silver-black

Price zł969.98
Availability: In Stock

The hairdressing console is one of the most important elements of the equipment of every beauty salon. It is worth choosing a piece of furniture that will not only be functional, but will also delight your customers and let them feel the atmosphere of luxury. Introducing the new Gabbiano console - the perfect combination of modern design and practicality. Steel frame with oval mirror and practical shelf. A console that every owner of a hairdressing salon will appreciate.

Hairdressing consoles

Hairdressing consoles are an important element of hairdressing salon equipment, providing practical solutions when performing various hairdressing services. Hairdressing consoles are not only a practical element of equipment, but also play an important role in the organization of workstations, facilitating the work of the hairdresser and providing a professional environment for clients.

Functions of barber consoles

Functionality: Hairdressing consoles are designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic workplace for the hairdresser. They usually have a worktop on which you can place hairdressing tools, cosmetics and other necessary items during treatments. They can also have built-in shelves, drawers or cabinets that make it easy to organize and store the necessary accessories.

Aesthetics: Barber consoles come in a variety of styles and designs to match your salon décor. They can have modern, minimalist finishes or more traditional, classic designs. The aesthetic appearance of the console helps to create a coherent and attractive atmosphere in the living room.

Durability: Barber consoles are made of durable materials such as wood, metal and plastic to ensure durability and resistance to everyday use. The solid construction of the console is essential to withstand the demands of intensive use in a hairdressing salon.

Practical solutions: Consoles may have special handles or places for attaching hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons or other hairdressing tools. This facilitates access to these devices during treatments and helps to keep the workplace tidy.

Tailored to your needs: Barber consoles are available in different sizes and configurations to suit individual needs and space in the hairdressing salon. You can choose a single or multi-person console, depending on the number of workstations in the living room.

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