Cavitation peeling - effects

At the very beginning, it is certainly worth explaining what cavitation peeling is all about. Very often such peeling is called cavitation for short. Its main purpose is to thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face, exfoliate dead skin and restore the skin's proper appearance. Thanks to it, you can effectively get rid of blackheads and recurrent acne. It is also worth remembering that cavitation peeling is performed in beauty salons.

Its main advantage is the use of the phenomenon of cavitation. This phenomenon occurs due to the decrease in pressure. For this reason, at the very beginning of the treatment, the skin must be slightly moistened to lead to the formation of small bubbles on the surface of the skin, which, when bursting, break down old cells, which, left on the skin, clog it.

The undeniable advantage of this type of peeling is that it can be performed on owners of any type of skin. Nevertheless, there are special circumstances when peeling should definitely be performed.

We are talking about owners of acne-prone skin. Cavitation peeling largely contributes to the reduction of sebum production, so the pores are much less clogged. It can also be helpful in people with fine wrinkles, because it smoothes them in a natural way, especially when it comes to mimic ones.

Indications for surgery

  • contaminated skin with visibly enlarged pores and blackheads
  • wrinkles
  • discoloration
  • Shadows under the eyes
  • a dull, hypoxic complexion
  • expanded, bursting caps

How long does the procedure take?

The course of the procedure is usually from half an hour to an hour. Of course, this is the time given in the range, because it may vary depending on the selected salon and the preparation of the skin for the procedure.

Before the procedure, the skin must be cleansed, but it is best to come without makeup. Then, a special serum will be applied to the skin, which will be exposed to ultrasonic waves.

After such treatment, remember to protect your skin against UV radiation for at least three weeks. That is why it is worth opting for such a treatment in autumn.

The cost of such a procedure depends on the given beauty salon. Usually, however, it is an amount that varies between PLN 40 and PLN 100 for a facial treatment.

Treatment effects

The issue of the effects that can be obtained by using cavitation peeling is probably the most important issue! So it's worth being aware of how you can improve the condition of your skin.

The main task of the scrub is to remove dead cells that clog pores, so thanks to its implementation, the skin will certainly become smoother and more pleasant to the touch, and this will naturally also translate into its appearance. In addition, performing the peeling contributes to inhibiting the growth of bacteria, which results in reduced acne.

The vibrations generated by the machine additionally improve blood and lymph flow, which contributes to improving skin tension.

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