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Valera is synonymous not only with quality but also with professionalism. Their hair dryers are known for their reliability and durability, ensuring long-term use. With advanced technologies such as ceramic or tourmaline coatings, Valera hair dryers provide excellent styling results. Additionally, their ergonomic design and additional features such as foldable handles and overheating protection system make Valera hair dryers convenient and safe to use.

Valera Brand - Divino's offer

Hair Dryers: Valera produces hair dryers with different power and functionality, tailored to various needs and hair types. Valera hair dryers are characterized by efficient drying and the ability to create various styles. Many models have different temperature and speed settings, as well as additional features like ionization, which helps reduce hair static and give them smoothness and shine.

Hair Straighteners: Valera offers straighteners that provide effective hair smoothing and straightening. Valera straighteners are ergonomic and easy to use, allowing for quick achievement of the desired effect. Many models have temperature control, allowing you to adjust the heat according to the hair type and condition. The ceramic or tourmaline coatings used in Valera straighteners protect the hair from excessive heat and minimize the risk of damage.

Hair Curlers: Valera also offers various models of curling irons, allowing you to create beautiful and long-lasting curls. Valera curlers are available in different sizes, allowing you to achieve different sizes and types of curls. They have temperature control, allowing you to adjust the heat depending on your preferences and hair type. The ceramic or tourmaline coatings used in Valera curlers help distribute heat evenly and protect the hair from damage.

Hair Dryers and Brushes: Valera also offers innovative devices that combine the functions of a hair dryer and a brush, making hair styling and shaping easier. These devices allow for simultaneous drying and styling of hair, saving time and providing professional results.

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