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copy of Medical autoclave...
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copy of Medical autoclave SUN22-III C - 22...

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Medical autoclave SUN18-III A class B with a thermal printer. One of the most advanced pressure steam sterilizers. Suitable for the sterilization of practically any type of material, e.g. catheters, needles, endoscopes, specula, dental tips, files, scissors, towels, brushes, etc.

Enbio Pro autoclave
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Enbio Pro autoclave

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PRO version of the well-known revolutionary device from the Swiss company Enbio. Dedicated to medical applications, the Enbio PRO steam autoclave.

Enbio S autoclave
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Enbio S autoclave

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Get acquainted with the latest Swiss technology. Join our revolution and discover what the highest level of security is. Because only with the Enbio S autoclave your tools will be perfectly clean and sterile in just a few minutes.

Exo Power Max 60W milling...
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Exo Power Max 60W milling machine

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It has been manufactured from the best available components and materials. Beautiful design and super strong head used in this milling machine is characterized by quiet operation and no perceptible vibrations, even under heavy load. Working with such a milling machine is a real pleasure! The power of 60W ensures the possibility of comfortable work during manicure and pedicure treatments.

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