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SYIS - Creams

SYIS Creams includes a variety of skin care products offered by the SYIS brand. These high-quality creams were created to provide the skin with the necessary nutrients, moisturizing and regenerating substances, providing comprehensive care. Richness of Active Ingredients: SYIS creams are distinguished by their formula, rich in active ingredients such as vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, plant extracts, collagen, elastin and others. These ingredients are carefully selected to meet the diverse needs of the skin.

Versatile Action:

SYIS creams offer different formulas, each with its own special effect. They can be moisturizing, nourishing, lifting, smoothing, brightening, anti-cellulite, adapted to specific skin requirements.

Ultrasound treatment gel is another SYIS product that supports the effectiveness of skin cleansing treatments. These innovative gels contain additional ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, improving the effects of the treatment.

Use in professional treatments

These products are perfect for professional cosmetic treatments, such as mesotherapy, microneedle therapy, sonophoresis, infusion or dermarolling. They work effectively with various cosmetic devices, helping to effectively deliver active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Customer-Friendly Salon

Cream packaging is tightly closed, which ensures freshness, convenience and hygiene. The availability of various capacity variants allows you to adapt the products to the individual needs of a beauty salon.

Eye Area Care Creams

The category also includes tightening creams, dedicated especially to the care of the skin around the eyes. These formulas contain ingredients such as pomegranate extracts, purple coneflower, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, caffeine, panthenol, collagen and hyaluronic acid that help reduce puffiness, brighten skin and fight the signs of aging.

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