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Autoclaves, sterilization and disinfection

An autoclave is a device designed to sterilize various reusable tools. It is one of the most commonly used sterilization methods. It is a hermetically sealed, heated tank in which physical processes take place. Inside its chamber, high pressure and temperature are maintained, thanks to which it increases the sterilization efficiency, does not cause corrosion or exhibit toxicity. Due to the condensation of water vapor, energy is released, which leads to the complete damage of dangerous microorganisms. the femoral autoclave allows to carry out the sterilization process using high pressure and steam, thanks to which microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and all their spore forms are killed.

The autoclave is an obligatory equipment in dental and medical offices, and is also used in places where treatments are performed, wherever there is or may be a break in the continuity of the skin, e.g. in hairdressing salons, beauty salons and tattoo studios. It can be used to sterilize reusable metal tools, and before disposal, masks, bandages and other hygienic and dressing materials.

As technology advances, autoclaves are made smaller, faster, and easier to handle. The price also becomes more attractive, which makes them more available on the market. Autoclaves should be an indispensable element of the equipment of every office, where the basis is the safety and hygiene of the staff as well as all their clients and patients who undergo treatments that may violate the continuity of the skin when using reusable tools.

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