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Autoclaves, sterilization and disinfection

Medical autoclaves are devices that are used to disinfect medical and cosmetic tools and equipment. Autoclaves are special devices that generate high temperature and pressure, thanks to which it is possible to kill microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.


The autoclave is a mandatory piece of equipment for beauty, podiatry, dental and medical salons, and is also used in places where treatments are performed, wherever the skin continuity is or may be interrupted. Reusable metal tools can be sterilized in it, and masks, bandages and other hygiene and dressing products can be sterilized before disposal. With the development of technology, smaller, faster and easier to use autoclaves are produced. The price also becomes more attractive, which makes them more available on the market. Autoclaves should be an essential element of the equipment of every surgery, where the safety and hygiene of the staff as well as all their clients and patients are the basis. procedures that may cause skin continuity when using reusable tools.

Security in the office

Beauty, dental, podiatry, hairdressing salons, tattoo studios, and other places of this type should be associated primarily with the cleanliness of rooms, equipment, tools and staff, and in particular due to the fact that various types of procedures that may break the continuity of tissues, e.g. ear piercing, manicure, pedicure, depilation, invasive treatments on the face and body. It should be remembered that we do not know what diseases clients or patients come to such places with, and they often have no idea about them themselves, much less none of them will tell about it.

That is why each new and regular customer must be treated as theoretically ill with an infectious disease or as a carrier of pathogenic microorganisms. Thanks to systematic procedures such as disinfection and sterilization, many infectious diseases can be prevented. for several years it has been one of the most popular treatments performed in beauty salons.

It is worth noting that autoclaves are not only an important element of the daily work of a beautician or medical staff, but above all a guarantee of safety for patients and clients. Their use allows you to avoid infections and blood-borne diseases, which is especially important in the case of medical and cosmetic procedures, where the tools often come into contact with the blood, body fluids or skin of the patient or client.

Sanepidu requirements

Each medical autoclave in our store meets the requirements of Sanepid and the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), and also has a medical device certificate confirming its effectiveness. Medical autoclaves are high-quality sterilization devices based on hot steam under high pressure. Sterilized tools provide full protection against all kinds of viral, fungal and bacterial infections. In beauty salons, all reusable accessories should undergo sterilization processes. The best and most effective method of sterilization in this regard is steam sterilization in excess pressure. It is performed in autoclave devices. The beauty salon should have an autoclave. There is no obligation to register it with the sanepid, but it is worth notifying this authority about its purchase and performing all the appropriate tests recommended by the sanepid. The beauty salon is obliged to document and archive the results of sterilization processes. In this regard, autoclave printouts, physical tests of packet color changes, chemical tests for each packet, as well as appropriate biological tests - performed at specific time intervals, should be used.

In our store we have autoclaves of popular brands such as Yeson, SUN, Lafomed, SteamIT, Mona, Enbio. In addition, a wide range of autoclave capacities from 2.9 l to 23 l - depending on the needs and preferences of the customer.

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