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Medika Premium 12 in 1

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Beauty harvester with 12 tips: Skin analyzer, Cavitation peeling, Needle-free mesotherapy, Ultrasounds, Diamond microdermabrasion, Radio waves, Ultrasonic liposuction, Dermomassage, Oxybrasion, Lipolaser, HydroJet - hydrogen purification and monopolar radio wave.

Medika Cosmetic Combine

Medika cosmetic combines are multifunctional devices that allow you to perform a variety of face and body care treatments. Thanks to various modules, cosmetologists can offer their clients many different treatments even while having only one device, which guarantees attracting more clients.

Why it is worth investing in a beauty harvester

Purchasing a large amount of beauty equipment separately can be expensive and require a large financial outlay. In this case, the investment in a beauty harvester is much more profitable. Our offer includes Medika Premium and Medika Basic cosmetic combines.

Advantages of Medika cosmetic combines

One of the main advantages of a beauty combine is time saving. Cosmetologists can use multifunctional beauty combines that allow you to perform multiple treatments at the same time instead of performing several treatments separately. This is especially important in the case of treatments that require multiple stages.

Another advantage of the beauty combine is its mobility. Unlike individual devices, beauty combines are easy to carry and store, thanks to which beauticians can perform treatments not only in salons, but also at clients' homes.

It is also worth paying attention to the financial savings that the purchase of a cosmetic harvester brings. Purchasing multiple devices separately is costly and additionally requires additional dedicated space for device storage, maintenance, service and inspection. In the case of combinations for cosmetologists, purchase costs are usually lower than when purchasing multiple devices separately, and many beauty treatments can be performed at the same time.

Ultimately, one of the main advantages of beauty combines is customer satisfaction. Thanks to the possibility of performing many different treatments with one device, the cosmetologist can adjust the treatment to the individual needs of the client, ensuring satisfaction and willingness to use the cosmetologist's services again.

Basic Medika cosmetic combines

The equipment has been designed in such a way that both salon owners and their patients are calm about their health and therapeutic effects. Using one multifunctional cosmetic equipment, you can perform a number of care treatments, perfectly matched thanks to the introduction of a skin diagnostic function. BASIC series cosmetic combines are multifunctional devices, which, depending on the needs of users, have been designed to give the best results. The latest technological knowledge has allowed us to introduce innovative solutions in line with customer requirements. Thanks to this, BASIC professional cosmetic equipment has many different treatment modules that can be selected in such a way that the patient can use aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in a comfortable and effective way. High-quality components of the devices and intelligent operation of microprocessors ensure safety and care of the face and body skin at the highest, almost professional level.

Modules included in Medika harvesters

It is worth emphasizing the wide range of services that can be performed with them, e.g. skin analyzer, cavitation peeling, diamond microdermabrasion, needle-free mesotherapy, ultrasounds, radio waves, ultrasonic liposuction, dermomassage, oxybrasion, lipolaser and hydrogen purification.

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