The Elegante brand offers functional solutions for beauty salons that improve the performance of services. The assortment includes many models of practical magnifying and treatment lamps, towel warmers and professional devices for specialized treatments.

A comprehensive device for face and body care

The professional Elegante Platinum T9 combine harvester is a multifunctional device using the latest technological achievements. The futuristic casing with a large, tilting screen is made of high-quality components , and the intuitive menu makes it easy to use. The device is intended for the cosmetology and aesthetic medicine industries. A beauty combine is an excellent solution in beauty salons , allowing you to significantly expand the offer of treatments. The device allows you to perform rejuvenation, anti-acne, anti-vascular, anti-discoloration, anti-cellulite, slimming and body shaping treatments.

Intuitive control panel

The intuitive control panel is a key element of the device that ensures ease of use. The ability to adjust treatment parameters and various options , such as selecting the mode or type of treatment, allow you to adjust the operation of the device to the specific needs of the client. A clear display makes it easier to monitor the progress of the treatment , which makes using the combine even more comfortable and effective.

Variety of device functions

The advanced Elegante Platinum T9 cosmetic combiner is a versatile tool in the field of face and body care . The innovative technologies used enable many specialized treatments to be performed. Specially selected heads allow for concentrated action on various layers of the skin , which brings visible and lasting results, and at the same time provides comprehensive and personalized care . The Elegante Platinum T9 beauty combine not only expands the offer of beauty salons, but also meets customer expectations by offering a variety of treatments tailored to unique needs .


Heads intended for ultrasound therapy use acoustic waves with a frequency above the threshold of hearing of the human ear to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin , influencing the effectiveness of the treatments. They also provide a deep skin micro-massage , activating appropriate cells for the effective production of collagen and elastin , contributing to deep skin regeneration, supporting its natural renewal processes and improving its overall condition.

Radio frequency (RF)

High-frequency radio waves penetrate deeply into all layers of the skin, effectively accelerating tissue regeneration . This treatment uses radio frequency energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin , thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, nourishing and oxygenating the skin , giving results visible after the first treatment. As a result of the radiofrequency treatment , the skin becomes more elastic and wrinkles are smoothed and reduced . The treatment will also be an ally in the fight against crow's feet, wrinkles and skin that is, at first glance, devoid of vitality.

Cooling head

The treatment involves cooling places exposed to erythema, broken capillaries and hemangiomas, providing deep relief . It plays an important role in cooling the skin, reducing swelling, relieving hemangiomas and erythema , as well as muscle relaxation. It improves client comfort, especially during heat-generating treatments, and enhances the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures. It has the function of soothing the skin , increasing the client's comfort, reducing potential side effects and supporting the effectiveness of many cosmetic treatments.

Diamond dermabrasion

A modern and non-invasive cosmetic treatment is becoming increasingly popular as a skin care method. It uses special heads to gently remove the stratum corneum of the epidermis . They effectively eliminate dead cells, impurities and minor imperfections, while stimulating regenerative processes . The safe and comfortable treatment improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles and removes discolorations , giving immediate results. After diamond dermabrasion, the skin becomes renewed, smooth and radiant , without the need for long-term convalescence. The perfect solution for effectively improving the condition of the skin without invasive procedures.

Bio Skin Lifting

The non-invasive treatment, which is an effective solution for people looking for a facelift without the use of a scalpel, is based on the use of microcurrents . This type of electrostimulation increases the contractility of muscle fibers , stimulates the muscles to work, and thus accelerates the process of excreting toxins and excess water from the body . The impulses stimulate collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin, leading to improved elasticity , firmness and reduction of fine wrinkles. The modern Bio Skin Lifting treatment is completely painless and gives long-lasting results of taut, elastic, smooth and rejuvenated skin.

Needle-free mesotherapy

The innovative treatment gaining recognition in the field of skin care is based on electroporation and electroosmosis . The effects of the treatment include: nourishing deep cells , supporting lymphatic drainage, accelerating metabolism, improving lymph and blood circulation , reducing wrinkles, brightening the skin, maintaining the appropriate level of hydration , eliminating cellulite, accelerating fat burning and body shaping. It enables greater efficiency of absorption of care substances , adapts to the individual needs of the skin, offering comprehensive care.

Skin Scrubber

Cavitation peeling affects the skin gently, through pleasant vibrations, without the use of electric current. The treatment involves cleansing the skin using ultrasonic waves , which cause the phenomenon of cavitation, i.e. bursting of air bubbles under the influence of high pressure, which allows for deep skin care and its regeneration without side effects, giving the skin a fresh look. It allows for deep regeneration of the skin through rapid and effective renewal and deep cleansing , reducing excess sebum from pores, getting rid of calluses , blackheads and bacteria. It is an excellent introduction to further cosmetic treatments.


A cosmetic treatment using high-frequency currents is an innovative way to improve the condition of the skin. d'Arsonval currents stimulate blood circulation , which supports the nourishment and oxygenation of skin tissues. They work effectively on skin problems , are an excellent solution for acne and reduce fine wrinkles, improving skin elasticity . Additionally, their bactericidal effect helps to alleviate inflammation and supports the skin healing process . Due to its comprehensive effects, this treatment is becoming more and more popular in the cosmetology industry.


It is used for even application of fluids to the skin , moisturizing, applying tonics or mists, as well as cooling the skin. It is perfect for preparing the skin for cosmetic treatments and can be used for gentle preliminary cleansing. This is an ideal way to maintain the optimal level of hydration , which results in a healthy and radiant appearance of the skin. The spray head can also be used to spray aromatherapy substances. It has a complementary function , enabling the cosmetologist to adapt treatments to the individual needs of the client and making beauty sessions more enjoyable.

A functional, elegant device

The modern appearance of the device with a clear display and extensive application possibilities make the device look elegant and will be a perfect addition to the equipment of a cosmetologist's office . Specially designed places for placing the heads and non-slip base elements significantly increase the comfort of use.

Dimensions are shown in the photo.
Please read the instructions carefully before use.
The set includes: device base, set of heads, pelottes, head holder, gloves, power supply, fuse, instructions.

Power: 80W
Voltage: 230V
Warranty: 12 months
Package dimensions: 75x45x35 cm

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