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Yeson water distiller

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The  Yeson water distiller is a must-have for any doctor's office or cosmetic office. This easy-to-use distiller comes with an air cooling system and does not need to be connected to an external water supply. With a 4-liter water tank and a plastic tank included in the equipment, the Lafomed water distiller is perfect for ensuring a constant supply of water to an autoclave, dental unit, or other devices.

Yeson - water distiller

Price zł439.98
Availability: In Stock

Easy to use distiller with air cooling system. It does not need to be connected to an external water source. It has a 4-liter water tank, and distilled water is collected in a plastic tank included with the device.

Water distillers

Water distiller for an autoclave is a device that is used to produce pure distilled water necessary in the sterilization process in autoclaves. The water distiller for the autoclave provides water of high quality and purity, required in the sterilization process.

Application of water distillers for autoclave

Water distiller for the autoclave is an essential element of the equipment of every beauty, dental and podiatry office that deals with sterilization. Distilled water is required to ensure proper sterilization of tools, equipment and other items. This water must be free of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants, as the presence of these substances can contaminate the sterilized items.

Advantages of autoclave water stills

The Water distiller for autoclave offers many advantages over other water treatment methods. One of the greatest advantages of stills is that they are able to produce water of consistent quality and purity, thus ensuring proper sterilization of tools and equipment. In addition, water stills for autoclave are easy to use and require little maintenance. These devices are also equipped with safety systems that protect against overheating and damage in the event of failure or lack of water. This makes the autoclave water distiller a reliable and safe device.

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