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FARMONA Cosmetics

Farmona is a Polish cosmetic brand that offers a wide range of skin and hair care products. The Farmona brand is known for using natural ingredients and innovative recipes that ensure effective and safe care. Farmona cosmetics are characterized by high quality ingredients, innovative formulas and effectiveness. They are recommended by professionals in the cosmetics industry and are recognized both in Poland and abroad.

Face care preparations

This category includes a variety of preparations for face skincare. These can be products for cleansing, toning, peeling, masks, serums and creams dedicated to various skin types. Farmona offers different product lines, such as Purer Skin, Nivelazione, Actively Moisturizing or Opti-Biotic, which focus on the specific needs of the skin and provide excellent results.

Body care products

This category includes cosmetics for professional care of the whole body. These can be lotions, creams, oils, milks, serums and gels that moisturize, firm, smooth and nourish the skin. Farmona also offers hand and foot care products that help maintain their healthy and beautiful appearance.

Massage products

Farmona also offers products dedicated to massage, which are ideal for use in beauty salons. These can be oils, creams or massage emulsions that moisturize, relax and soothe the skin. Rich formulas contain nutrients that additionally have a positive effect on the condition of the skin during the massage.

Hair care products

This category includes professional hair styling products, such as mousses, varnishes, milks, serums and sprays. Farmona offers products that allow you to create different hairstyles, giving your hair the desired effect, durability and shine.

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