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Hair combs are basic tools used in hair salons for combing, styling, and parting hair. They are extremely versatile and essential in a hairdresser's daily work. Hair combs can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic, depending on the preferences and needs of the hairdresser and the client's hair type.

Professional hair combs for hair styling

Hair combs come in different sizes, tooth lengths, and spacing between teeth, allowing for customization to different hair types and lengths. Combs with closer teeth are ideal for detangling thick and tangled hair, while combs with wider-spaced teeth are more suitable for delicate and thin hair.

Hair combs are also used to create various hairstyles and styling. They can be used for smoothing, straightening, creating curls, making partitions, or sectioning hair during hair treatments. Additionally, some combs have special anti-static properties that reduce hair static and facilitate styling.

The availability of different types of hair combs is crucial to ensure high-quality hairdressing services. In hair salons, you can find combs in various shapes, such as rectangular combs, wide-tooth combs, narrow-tooth combs, teasing combs, and cutting combs, among others. This allows for precise and professional execution of different hairdressing techniques. It is also important to maintain the hygiene of hair combs by regularly cleaning and disinfecting them to ensure the safety and health protection of clients.

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