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Many years of experience and the latest biotechnology technologies join forces to create innovative, reliable and cost-effective Enbio sterilizers that help fight many infections throughout Europe.

Enbio - revolutionary solutions tailored to your needs

Based on 25 years of experience, Enbio combines the latest biotechnological solutions with perfect design. Passion and persistent pursuit of goals meant that today it is Enbio steam sterilizers that help fight for safety throughout Europe.

The Enbio brand was created with the mission of ensuring human safety and health as the highest priority. The level of hepatitis, HIV and mycosis in Europe is alarming, and the daily fight against viruses is known not only to the medical industry. Enbio autoclaves are the best way to fight contamination - intuitive, easy-to-use, top-class steam sterilizers that are the fastest on the market and at a price everyone can afford.

The headquarters of Enbio are located in Switzerland, Germany and Poland, where the production of equipment is carried out, which not only conquers the European market, but is also gaining popularity in the USA and Asia.

Enbio S autoclave
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Enbio S autoclave

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Get acquainted with the latest Swiss technology. Join our revolution and discover what the highest level of security is. Because only with the Enbio S autoclave your tools will be perfectly clean and sterile in just a few minutes.

Enbio Table
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Enbio Table

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Enbio Table comfortable cosmetic piece of furniture on wheels with an opening front door serving as a cosmetic assistant under the ENBIO S and ENBIO PRO autoclave.

Magic Filter ENBIO

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Magic Filter for autoclaves Enbio S and Enbio PRO for a modern steam sterilization water purification filter. Thanks to Magic Filter, you only need 1 external tank, which will be filled with distilled water, will be able to open several dozen sterilization cycles in the ENBIO S autoclave or ENBIO PRO autoclave.

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