Which autoclave to choose for a manicure salon?

Manicure salons, like units offering medical services, must be equipped with devices for sterilizing tools, most often autoclaves, using high-temperature steam, created by increasing the pressure inside the device. This allows you to get rid of the vast majority of pathogenic microorganisms. Manicure salons are places where the continuity of the skin may be accidentally interrupted and bacteria or viruses may enter this way, so special attention should be paid to the hygiene of the tools used. In the following entry, we suggest which sterilization device will be the best for salons offering manicure services.

What class of device will work in a manicure salon?

It is best to use a class B autoclave for a manicure salon - this type of device is often called medical autoclave, because it is the most common in this type of facility. What distinguishes this class of devices? In terms of technology, they are the most advanced, and thus are highly functional when it comes to equipment sterilization. Their functioning is based mainly on the operation of the vacuum, which is obtained, among others, by injecting steam into the interior of the device. Thanks to this, most reusable articles, including those with the characteristics of capillaries, can be sterilized in them, without fear of residual liquid remaining on their surface.

An autoclave for a manicure salon in accordance with PN-EN 13060+A1:2018-12 is a guarantee of full functionality of the device, allowing for safe sterilization of the tools used. It is worth paying attention not only to the class of the device, but also to its capacity. Therefore, it is good to determine the number of tools used, for example, throughout the day, and then sterilize them all. In many salons, small devices with a capacity of 2 to 8 liters will be perfect. It is also worth paying attention to the duration of the work cycle. Many small models work for several dozen minutes, often devices with a larger capacity work a little longer.

We offer devices designed to sterilize tools - in manicure salons we recommend using models of the E and E Black series with a capacity of 8 liters. They have several built-in work programs, are equipped with 3 trays and a dedicated handle, moreover, they must have a safety valve and automatic fuses. It is worth noting that these devices also have an LCD screen, they also have the ability to create printouts or download files to a USB flash drive. Our company's offer also includes autoclaves with a larger capacity, which is why the devices we offer can be easily adapted to the needs of each manicure salon.


Yeson Silver LINE autoclave 8l

YESON autoclave, YS Silver Line series. European class B. Dedicated to beauty, dental and medical offices.

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