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Apis Professional Cosmetics

Apis is a domestic cosmetic brand that focuses on the naturalness of its products. This means that all cosmetics of this company are made only with the use of ingredients of natural origin. You will not find any artificial additives or preservatives in them. That is why Apis cosmetics are highly valued both in Poland and abroad, both in professional salons and in the homes of thousands of women. Apis care products are known primarily for their beneficial ingredients, which are largely fruit and plant extracts. Thanks to this combination, they have a pleasant smell, which makes using them even more pleasant. Apis cosmetics are also distinguished by their delicate, creamy consistency, which facilitates their application. Our offer includes high-quality creams, scrubs, acids, masks, masks, gels, shampoos, concentrates and many other products. Our Divino online store offers a wide selection of Apis products for beauty salons, hairdressers and beauticians, at attractive wholesale prices.

Face care with Apis cosmetics

Creams: APIS cosmetics contain different types of face creams, adapted to different skin types and needs. You can find moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, anti-wrinkle, matting, brightening and many other creams. Each cream has unique active ingredients that help improve the condition of the skin and protect it from external factors.

Serum: APIS serum is a concentrate of active ingredients with an intense effect. They are light in texture and easily absorbed into the skin, providing concentrated nutrients. The serum can have various effects, such as moisturizing, smoothing, firming, brightening or reducing discoloration.

Peelings: APIS peelings are used to exfoliate dead epidermis and cleanse the skin. They can be in a mechanical form (with abrasive particles) or in a chemical form (with acids). Peels help to smooth the skin, improve its texture, remove impurities and prepare it for better absorption of active substances.

Masks: APIS offers different types of face masks that have different effects and are adapted to different skin needs. These can be moisturizing, cleansing, lifting, mattifying, brightening, soothing and many other masks. Masks help to provide the skin with nutrients, moisturize it, reduce imperfections and improve its condition.

Tonics and hydrolates: APIS tonics are preparations that help restore the pH of the skin after cleansing and prepare it for the application of other products. Hydrolates, in turn, are delicate floral waters that have a soothing, moisturizing and refreshing effect. APIS tonics and hydrolates can be used for various skin types, depending on the needs.

Apis body care products

Body care with the use of APIS cosmetics offers a wide selection of products that allow you to take care of the condition of the skin all over your body. Our offer includes balms, creams, lotions, body scrubs, oils.

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