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Sliming Line body care

Cellulite can be extremely bothersome and combating it can be difficult. In order to ensure an equal chance in this fight, the Sliming Line body cosmetics line from SYIS was created. They can be effectively used not only at home, but also in professional SPA salons. After using these cosmetics, rich in active ingredients, the skin becomes firmer, bringing results that previously seemed only a dream. If you are considering introducing anti-cellulite treatments to your salon's offer, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the properties of the offered preparations.

SYIS - Anti-cellulite ampoules

Concentrated anti-cellulite ampoules are now widely used to combat the problem of cellulite, which affects virtually every woman. SYIS ampoules are intensive, fast-acting preparations based on caffeine - a strong and well-researched compound that helps restore the skin's smoothness, firmness and elasticity. These ampoules improve microcirculation and strengthen blood vessels, and are additionally enriched with plant extracts that increase the activity of fat-degrading enzymes. To effectively introduce the ampoules under the skin, it is recommended to use the SYIS derma roller - a special roller with thin microneedles that activates the skin's self-regeneration process by making micro-punctures. This is an innovative method that accelerates the action of the ampoules.

SYIS - Masks and Body Oils

Another essential product in anti-cellulite therapy is a nourishing body mask . Using it under foil, e.g. in a body wrapping treatment, allows the concentrated ingredients to penetrate the skin. SYIS masks are based on sea algae, known for their skin-firming properties and supporting regeneration. Various types of masks contain additional ingredients, such as cocoa beans, potassium and iodine, which support the lipolysis of fatty tissues. The series also includes massage oils , improving lymphatic drainage, and sugar peeling, preparing the skin for slimming and anti-cellulite treatments. Shea butter with the Liporedux complex with L-carnitine and the coffee bean complex contained in the balm have properties that stimulate microcirculation and detoxify the body.

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