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Manicure tables

Manicure tables are essential equipment in beauty salons, providing a comfortable and functional place for manicure treatments. Manicure tables are not only a practical tool for performing manicure procedures, but also an important element of salon decor. The right manicure table provides comfort, functionality and aesthetics, contributing to the professional experience of the client and the efficiency of beauticians' work. The Divino cosmetics warehouse offers the highest quality ergonomic manicure tables, which are perfect for long hours of work with clients. Thanks to a professional manicure table, you offer a higher level of service, which increases the prestige of the beauty salon and increases customer satisfaction. The tables are equipped with a wheel system that facilitates their transport around the living room, and they are equipped with systems of cabinets and shelves that will help to better organize and tidy the workplace.

Features of manicure tables

Comfortable work surface: Manicure tables have a properly designed work surface that provides a comfortable place to carry out manicure treatments. This surface is usually padded and made of easy-to-clean materials such as glass, laminated board or plastic.

Practical organization of tools and products: Manicure tables often have built-in drawers, shelves or compartments that provide practical storage for manicure tools, polishes, files and other necessary accessories. Thanks to this, all the necessary items are easily accessible and organized.

Height adjustment: Some manicure tables have a height adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the table to the preferences and comfort of the beautician. Height adjustment allows the table to be adjusted to the client's height and enables comfortable work.

Integrated extraction systems: Some manicure tables are equipped with integrated extraction systems that remove dust and extract manicure fumes. Thanks to this, cleanliness and hygiene around the workplace are ensured, which is important for customers and staff.

Mobility: Some manicure tables have wheels or are foldable, which allows them to be easily moved and stored. The mobility of the table allows you to flexibly use it in different places in the living room.

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