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Plazma Medika is an alternative to plastic surgery. SAY NO to the first signs of aging, crow's feet, bruises, drooping eyelids, flaccid skin, wrinkles above the lips. Thanks to the latest technology, which is the treatment using the Plasma device. The treatment is non-invasive and gives visible effects after the first treatment.

What is Plasma

Plasma ARC produces a controlled and targeted plasma beam by ionizing gases contained in the air. A small electric arc is produced, which in a controlled manner is able to sublimate the epidermis and shrink the skin in the place of its operation. In addition, under the influence of the generated plasma, collagen and elastin fibers are stimulated to rebuild. The treatment does not cause bleeding and necrosis of the surrounding tissues, because its effect is limited to the border of the basal layer of the dermis.

Plasma cosmetic treatment

Plasma is used in cosmetology to stimulate skin regeneration processes. During the treatment, the device emits microscopic plasma sparks that cause controlled microdamages within the skin. Such damage stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin fibers, which improves skin firmness and reduces wrinkles.

Plasma treatment also allows you to reduce discoloration, because plasma absorbs melanin, which is responsible for skin coloration. In addition, plasma also affects the skin in such a way that it stimulates its natural regenerative and cleansing processes.

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