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Medika Plasma ARC

Price zł19,800.00
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Medika Plasma ARC - a device for non-surgical eyelid lifting, wrinkle removal, correction of skin lesions, removal of warts, fibromas and scars.

Promed 4030 SX2 podiatry...
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Promed 4030 SX2 podiatry milling machine with...

Regular price zł4,650.00 Price zł3,993.00
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A professional pediatric milling machine Promed 4030 SX2 with a dust absorber. Ideally suited to work with manicure and pedicure. Milling machine of the renowned German company PROMED. Interesting and modern design, electronic control, one of the lightest handles on the market - only 95 g - make working with this device comfortable and pleasant.

Needle-free mesotherapy BR-2015

Price zł1,240.00
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Needle-free mesotherapy - It is used for the non-invasive introduction of healing and regenerating preparations by electroporation - that is, by means of a high-frequency electric current, thanks to which the permeability in the cell membrane of the horny layer of the skin increases, opening hydrophilic channels in it, which allows the absorption of medicinal preparations without the need to use needles and the method of electrophoresis, thanks to which active substances are distributed deep into the epidermis.

Medical autoclave SUN8-II -...
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Medical autoclave SUN8-II - 8 liters, class B

Regular price zł4,439.00 Price zł3,884.00
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Medical autoclave SUN8-II class B. One of the most advanced pressure steam sterilizers. Suitable for the sterilization of practically any type of material, e.g. catheters, needles, endoscopes, specula, dental tips, files, scissors, towels, brushes, etc.

Medika Micro Plasma

Price zł31,980.00
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Medika Micro Plasma - a mobile wireless device for non-surgical eyelid lifting, wrinkle removal, skin lesions correction, warts, fibromas and scars removal.

Promed 2020 LED cosmetic...
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Promed 2020 LED cosmetic milling machine

Regular price zł1,230.00 Price zł1,049.00
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Milling machine of the renowned German company PROMED. The 2020 model is universal - it is suitable for both manicure and pedicure work. A solid milling handle will ensure many years of work at the highest level.

Multifunctional device Medika Premium 18 in 1

Price zł25,800.00
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Premium multifunctional device with 10 tips that provide 18 unique technologies: Skin analyzer, Cavitation peeling, Needle-free mesotherapy, Ultrasound, Diamond microdermabration, Radio waves, Ultrasonic liposuction, Demomassage, Oxybrasion, Lipolaser

Radio Frequency BN-300

Price zł2,990.00
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Professional cosmetic equipment for RF Radio Frequency BN-300 electromagnetic treatments. The RF Radio Frequency apparatus performs, among others breast skin lifting, shapes the buttocks and the shape of the legs and smoothes the skin of the hands.

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