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Apparatus for comprehensive skin care

The innovative Hydrogen H2+ device combines six effective care technologies, ensuring spectacular results of cosmetic treatments. The combine, designed with comprehensive skin care in mind, offers advanced functions that provide the skin with optimal care . Hydrogen H2+ is an excellent solution in beauty salons, allowing you to significantly expand the offer of treatments .

Intuitive control panel

The key element of the device is the touch panel , which ensures ease of use. The ability to adjust treatment parameters and various options, such as selecting the type, intensity, treatment time or treatment wave mode, allow you to adjust the operation of the device to the specific needs of the client. A clear display makes it easier to monitor the progress of the treatment , which makes using the combine even more comfortable and effective .

Variety of device functions

The advanced device is a versatile tool in the field of facial care . Specially selected heads and adjustment options allow for concentrated action on different layers of the skin , which brings visible and lasting results, and at the same time ensures comprehensive and personalized care . It not only expands the offer of beauty salons, but also meets customer expectations by offering a variety of treatments tailored to unique needs .

Hydrogen purification

This process is based on the use of hydrogen properties for deep cleansing and revitalization of the skin . It neutralizes free radicals and exfoliates dead skin, leaving the skin oxygenated and nourished . The effect of the treatment is smooth, deeply moisturized and radiant skin and slowing down the aging process at the cellular level.

Radio frequency (RF)

The head emitting radio waves generates heat in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin , nourishes and oxygenates the skin, giving results visible after the first treatment . The effects include improvement of facial oval, skin tension and elasticity, and reduction of wrinkles .


The use of acoustic waves with a frequency above the hearing threshold of the human ear facilitates the penetration of active substances contained in cosmetics into the skin . They activate cells to effectively produce collagen and elastin , contributing to deep skin regeneration, supporting natural renewal processes and improving the overall condition .

Cavitation peeling

The treatment involves cleansing the skin using ultrasonic waves , which cause the phenomenon of cavitation, which allows for deep care and regeneration of the skin and gives the skin a fresh look. Regular use of a skin scrubber can help improve skin texture and reduce imperfections .

Cooling head

It plays an important role in comprehensive skin care . It cools the skin, reduces swelling, relieves hemangiomas and erythema, and relaxes the muscles. It brings relief to people struggling with skin problems or excessive muscle tension, leaving the skin refreshed, moisturized and relaxed .


It allows you to gently spray a mist of products such as tonics, essences or other cosmetics containing active ingredients onto the skin surface. Precise action allows for even distribution of the product , which effectively moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Care becomes more effective and pleasant , and the skin gains a healthy and radiant appearance.

Futuristic design

Modern equipment is distinguished by its elegant and ergonomic design , constituting an aesthetic addition to the space of a beauty salon. Compact dimensions make it easy to store and transport. It also has a functional system of tanks for water and fluids necessary for treatments, which ensures comfortable and hygienic work . The head stand provides easy access to the necessary accessories. The materials used ensure durability and ease of cleaning of the equipment .

Dimensions are shown in the photo.
Please read the instructions carefully before use.

Technical data:
Power: 160 W
Power supply: 220-240V
Ultrasound frequency: 1 MHz
Radio wave frequency: 1 MHz, bipolar
Radio wave power: 20 W
Water flow: 30 L

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