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Pedicure chair with foot...
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Pedicure chair with foot massager BR-2308

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The BR-2308 pedicure chair is a modern cosmetic equipment in the full sense of the word. The armchair is equipped with a water massage function, which additionally makes the treatment more pleasant. Elegant upholstery, mobility and solid construction

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Podology armchairs are special chairs used in podiatry offices. It is comfortable and functional furniture that allows the podiatrist to perform his tasks comfortably and safely. Podiatry chairs are equipped with adjustable back and leg support that allow the patient to lie comfortably and safely on the chair. Some models of podology chairs also have additional amenities, such as adjustable armrests and footrests, handles and other elements that allow the podiatrist to perform treatments more accurately and precisely. Podology armchairs are irreplaceable in podiatry offices, because they provide comfort and safety to patients and allow podologists to perform their duties in the best possible way. It is a durable piece of furniture that will serve you for years. In our online store, podology chairs are available tailored to the needs of each beauty salon. Modern podology armchairs provide comfort during the procedure not only for patients, but also for people performing the procedure. The armchairs are characterized by a very stable structure and careful workmanship.

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