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Children's hairdressing chair Car BCH-608 yellow

Price zł939.00
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Children's hairdressing chair Autko BCH-608 yellow by Beauty Systems is not only a piece of furniture, but also an interactive toy that will give children a lot of joy during a visit to the hairdresser. The racing car seat has many multimedia and movement functions, such as horn, lights, songs and forward-reverse driving.

Children's hairdressing chair BM car red

Price zł1,299.00
Availability: In Stock
From now on, a visit to the hairdresser with a child does not have to be associated with crying and a fight.
When our little client sits on this chair, he will be delighted and a visit to the hairdresser will turn into an interesting adventure.
The chair is very stable and safe, has a hydraulic height adjustment, it is very comfortable for both our little client and the stylist.

The hairdresser's chair guarantees comfort for small customers of the salon and optimal working conditions.

Gabbiano children's hairdressing chair Maroon...

Price zł2,599.97
Availability: In Stock

The Gabbiano children's hairdressing chair Maroon horse is a stylish and practical addition to any salon catering to young clients. With its wooden horse decoration, comfortable design, and easy-to-clean materials, this chair is a must-have for any salon. Order your Gabbiano chair today and provide your young clients with the best possible salon experience.

Children's hairdressing chair police car B082

Price zł2,398.98
Availability: In Stock

The children's hairdressing chair police car B082 by GABBIANO is the perfect solution for hairdressing salons that want to provide their youngest customers with an unforgettable experience. The armchair is stable, safe and comfortable, and its aesthetic appearance refers to a police car. It is an investment that will benefit both the hair salon and its youngest customers. The product is packed in two packages.

PR red children's hairdressing chair

Price zł1,609.98
Availability: In Stock

Introducing the GABBIANO PR red children's hairdressing chair - a stable, safe, and comfortable solution for a fun and enjoyable haircutting experience. With hydraulic height adjustment and ergonomic design, this stylish chair is perfect for any salon that caters to children.

Children's hairdressing chair Car BCH-608 red

Price zł939.00
Availability: Out of stock

Introducing the Children's Hairdressing Chair Car BCH-608 in a vibrant red color, designed to captivate and entertain your little clients. This unique hairdressing chair from Beauty Systems is shaped like a racing car and comes equipped with a horn and lights, adding an element of excitement to every haircut

Children's hairdressing chair BCH-609

Price zł399.00
Availability: Out of stock

Introducing the Children's Hairdressing Chair BCH-609 by Beauty Systems, a must-have addition to any salon catering to young clients. Transform your little customers' hairdressing experience into an exciting adventure with this stylish and comfortable chair. The upholstery features a playful design that will appeal to both boys and girls, making it a hit among the younger crowd.

Haidressing armchairs for children

Children's hairdressing chairs are specially designed furniture that allows comfortable and safe haircuts and hair styling for the youngest clients. They are an important element of the equipment of hairdressing salons, which also offer services for children.

Comfort and convenience for the youngest customers

Children's hairdressing chairs are adapted to the needs and requirements of the youngest customers. They usually have smaller sizes and ergonomic shapes to ensure comfort and adequate support for the child's body. In addition, these chairs often have an adjustable backrest and footrest that allow them to be adapted to different sizes and heights of children.

Children's armchair functions

Safety is a key element of children's hairdressing chairs. They usually have special protections, such as seat belts, which ensure stability and protection of the child during the haircut. Some chairs also have special headrests or pillows that provide support for the child's head during the procedure.

Children's hairdressing chairs are often colorful and attractive for the youngest customers. They can have patterns, fairy-tale characters or other elements that attract attention and create a friendly atmosphere for children. In addition, they can be equipped with special accessories, such as trays for toys or places for drinks, to make time for children during the procedure more pleasant.

It is important that children's hairdressing chairs are made of easy-to-clean and stain-resistant materials to maintain the proper level of hygiene and safety in the hairdressing salon.

Children's hairdressing chairs are not only practical, but also contribute to a positive experience for children during a visit to the hairdressing salon. They create a friendly and comfortable environment that allows children to feel comfortable and safe during the procedure.

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